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Freedom Ain’t Free welcomes the Department of Homeland Security, who began reading shortly after noon Nov. 6, ’09  and hung around through 3am  Nov. 8.

The Washington D.C. office loaded that single post 33 times while the Laredo TX.  office made 45 page loads, reading a few other posts in addition  to the post about Sheikh Nafisi.

In April, when the post was fresh, it was viewed 62 times. It had 9 hits in August, 7 in September and  9 in October, with 124 hits in November. Why did a post which averaged less than one hit per day  in recent months suddenly spike to 77, 41,2  three days in November?  What accounts for the multiple page loads?  Did multiple staffers load the page in succession?

A search for the Sheikh’s name did not turn up any relevant news using Google and Bing. Searches for recent crop duster  and anthrax related stories also came up empty.  There were two search engine referrals involving al-Nafisi. There was one page load for that post that was not directly attributable to the DHS.  I assume that DHS had some reason for searching for that name. What I do not understand is why they did not click through to MEMRI to view the source of the material I posted.

Is there some indication of a renewed potential for an anthrax attack?  That is just what we need with a flu epidemic under way;  if every cough and sneeze raised fears of anthrax inhalation, the emergency rooms would be swamped with panicked patients.

Our government needs to come clean with us, drop the pretenses and admit the fact that Islam is our enemy, having declared and prosecuted war against us.  The Bush / Obama blather about a “great religion of peace, hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists” is counterproductive, as is their policy of leaving our southern border wide open to a flood of illegal immigrants, including a substantial number of “other than Mexicans”. .

If I recall correctly, several GIs were killed in Iraq by a grenade tossed by a Muslim colleague.  The Fort Hood Massacre was perpetrated by a Muslim whose conduct and expressions had raised red flags.  Two cases do not form a clear pattern, but they do present a warning sign.  Our servicemen must not be placed at risk by mixing enemy forces into their ranks.

The time has come to purge our armed forces of Muslims. The time has come to weed them out of clerical, administrative and decision making positions in the federal bureaucracy.  A Muslim is one who submits to and obeys Allah.  What did he command them to do?  What did Muhammad exemplify for them to emulate? Expressions such as  “fight them”, “fight those who” and “cast terror” come to mind immediately. Regular readers of my posts are familiar with them and their sources.  The shooter was praising Allah while murdering his comrades.  Once is enough.

Did the army enlist American Nazis in WW2?  Why not?  Weren’t they harmless moderates, patriotic Americans? Would ANP members have experience conflict if sent to Europe to fight the Germans?  Who would they have aimed at?  Maj. Hasan was conflicted about fighting his Muslim brethren. Who did he aim at?

The time has come to drop the pretense & fantasy and observe the facts in the cold clear light of reason. If the Congress & President we elected won’t do what is right, then we need to replace them in the next election cycle.

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