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Nobel Peace Prize Denigrated by Obama’s Award

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objection against the absurd decision to award B. Obama Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize Committee
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Lets express our objection against the absurd decision to award B. Obama Nobel Peace Prize. His activity had not yet abounded the unusual achievements. And although it can not be denied his potential, a decision the Nobel Committee is definitely premature, and in addition the political. Unfortunately, such a choice Stockholm committee is directed at existing laureates this prestigious Prize, who have spent years devoted themselves to working hard and consistently for their ideals.

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Imperfect as it is, the petition is far superior to anything I could produce in any language other than English, and it just scratches the surface of my sentiments. I endorsed it without hesitation and hope that you will, too. There are more than 1600 signatures and I hope it will garner one thousand times that number.

Awarding the peace prize to a terrorist appeasing traitor denigrates the prize as much as honoring Arafat & Carter did.

This post received the honor of a referral from the Washington Post, presumably from the Sphere Related Content link associated with “Nobel jury speaks out in defense of Obama prize“. The jury seems to believe that anal osculation of Islam is a good thing; in reality, it invites attack by displaying a lack of awareness and resolve to defend ourselves. Dajjal 10/13/’09


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