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Flame Your Congressman!

If your Representative or Senator is supporting Waxman-Markey and Obama Care, or wavering on the fence, leaning toward a yes vote, and if you are too delicate of personality or polite to tell him or her directly where to go, relief is at hand.

A new blog page has been posted, which states with brevity and clarity, the reasons for rejecting both power grab proposals and displays in large, bold type, a profane execration expressing absolute rejection of the proposed legislation.

The page’s url is: .  The direct link to the execration is: . You can insert a hyperlink into a plain text email by using these html tags:

Substitute your choice of link text for “the bottom line” in the a link. If you use the second form above, the recipient who clicks the link will see the big, bold, bright execration right up front.  If you use the first form, your recipient will see the pretext before scrolling down to the curse.

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