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Numbers USA Immigration Petition Campaign

Numbers USA is campaigning for four vital amendments which will help to save American jobs from illegal aliens. Following our surprising victories in the Senate, the LibTards are making an all out effort to kill these amendments. Roy Beck asks that you view this short video presentation which explains the amendments and the conflict swirling around them. Please watch this video and sign the petition immediately. The petition already has more than 45,000 signatures, but more are needed to convince congressional leaders of the overwhelming popular support behind these amendments.

You can help by signing the petition and urging your family, friends and associates to sign it.

See this blog post for the details of how the LibTards will try to kill this vital legislation.

The Sessions andt. gives E-Verify permanent authorization, removing it from the chopping block where it currently awaits extinction.  It mandates that a company with a federal contract must  screen all new hires through E-Verify.  It also mandates that all people working on the gov’t. contract must be verified.

The Demint amdt. requires completion of the 700-mile fence along the Mexican border by the end of  2010.

The Vitter amdt. activates a no-match notification system that informs employers of employees whose Social Security numbers do not match their records.

The Grassley amdt allows businesses to voluntarily run all existing employees through E-Verify.

Each of those vital amendments will be stripped from the bill in the reconciliation process unless we apply extreme pressure. The first step is to sign the petition. The second step is to exhort your friends to sign. The third step is to send a strongly worded email to your Representative & Senators exhorting them to support the amendments.

Similar provisions were placed in the House Stimulus bill last fall and secretly removed in the reconciliation committee. We must prevent that from happening again.

If you will join Numbers USA, you will discover how easy it is to send a fax to your Senators. Phoning them is the only better way to make them feel the heat.

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