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Obama-Kennedy Health Plan: HELL NO!

Norman Hooben calls it “Mass Casualty”..  Phyllis Schlafly, whose article he cross posted, calls  it ” A Model Not To Copy“.  It is the Massachusetts Plan, the model for Obama-Negligence.  A few key points about the Massachusetts Plan:

  • increased costs
  • wasted tax revenues
  • limited patients’ choice
  • caused shortages & waiting lists
  • increased insurance premiums at nearly double the national rate.

Now is the time to click the link above and read that most informative article. Afterwards, you should visit to send emails to your Representative & Senators. Tell them to vote HELL NO!!! on Obama-Negligence.

Wise men learn from the mistakes of others. If you are wise you will disrespectfully demand rejection of socialized health care schemes and reject Mitt Romney as a candidate for the Presidency in ’12.

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