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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Grassfire reports that President Obama intends to begin the big push for illegal alien amnesty June 8. Grassfire is mounting a petition campaign to spur and express public outrage at President Obama’s shameful treachery.

Of course, Grassfire is building a contact list and soliciting donations in connection with the petition, that is par for the course. But they do provide a free and easy way to communicate our disgust with the Congress when they deliver the petitions.

Numbers USA

Another organization, Numbers USA, has a very informative web site that provides most of the intellectual ammunition needed to fight “comprehensive immigration reform:.  Numbers USA has frequent phone & fax campaigns we can participate in and the faxes are free.

When you are ready to contact your Representative & Senators, you can easily send them an email even if you don’t know their names., given your zip code,   will look them up for you and set up an easy to use email form.

It is our country, our jobs, our schools and our health care system at stake. President Obama wants to convert the illegal aliens into citizens in hopes that Hispanics will become a permanent Democrat voting block.  We  must rise up as one, united, with a loud voice yelling “Hell NO“!!!  If you want the fence completed, the borders patrolled, existing immigration laws & rules enforced and amnesty schemes abandoned permanently, then start your faxes and emails flowing to Congress and the White House and keep them flowing. Join the growing chorus of demands for rational, common sense government. The country you save will be our own.

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Tell President Obama about Israel’s History

An email from A.J. Whitehead of Anti-Cair brought news of a campaign 
by the Unity Coalition for Israel to restrain President Obama from 
excessive pandering to Islam on his visit to Egypt. They are sending 
letters to President Obama, "with copies to the Prime Minister of 
Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the President`s Cabinet, and to select 
Members of Congress and the Knesset". It is a form letter, but you can 
edit the introduction to personalize it. I added links to three of my 
blog posts. Please click this link to the letter fill in the form and 
send it today. 

	The letter cites some important history and quotes, in its 
entirety, a unanimous House Resolution in support of the restoration 
of Israel passed June 30, 1922. 

	The House stood up for Israel 87 years ago, taking a political 
risk. Can we do any less in this critical time? I urge all lovers of 
truth, justice and peace to take a stand against imposition of the 
"two state solution" by endorsing that letter.

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