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From  our founder’s new blog through  Maggie’s Notebook, through a cross post at Radarsite,  and cross posted here because it really belongs here. This post contains a vital message which will be too widely ignored. Read it and weep for America; for the liberty & prosperity we are losing forever bercause we put our trust in demogogues instead of statesmen.

Rejecting the GOP: Sharing the Disgust – No. 1

by Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook
Mark Harvey

An Open Letter to the GOP
May 14, 2009
The Snooper Report

The Preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered…deeply…finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people. George Washington, First Inaugural Address, April 30, 1789

Dear Democrats in Drag in the GOP/RNC Leadership positions,

Please stop sending me letters begging me for money. I am no longer a member of the Republican Party.

For years I was a member of the GOP because it was the closest political machine that represented my views as a Conservative Libertarian but that was too hard to explain to the idiots the federally run public indoctrination camps spits out these days, aka the Public School System. By the way, the American Public School System is unconstitutional. Try to locate the constitutionality of the Department of Education and what they are doing within the Constitution and I’ll go along with it. I won’t hold my breathe.

I grow weary, no, I am passed that stage. I am ultimately sick and tired of getting letters with the opening lines asking me if I have given up on the GOP. That’s a dumb question and tugging on my heart strings doesn’t work. I have more integrity that that and I do not live by emotion – emotion does not drive me, my intellect does and these kinds of form letters insult me. I am not an emotionally driven Democrat. So, please stop. However, I do have emotions and it breaks my heart when I see this Nation slip into that abyss of obscurity because cowards will not stand for what they believe in and go along to get along.

I came home from a war and for the first time I realized what the Vietnam Veterans experienced – a country lost and wallowing in the primordial ooze of a lost identity and a lost mission. The United States Constitution that I fought and bled for means nothing to you, apparently. If it did mean something to you, and it should because all of you swore the same Oath I did, you would be addressing each and every Bill in the confines, edicts and restrictions set forth in our Founding Document. Yet and alas, you do not. Why is that?

I hear all of you debate and argue and not one of you – NOT ONE – even dare to mention the United States Constitution. Well, perhaps one of you does and, oddly enough, that is Senator Byrd that mentions it and waves it around before the CSPAN cameras and then promptly votes against it. Lip service disgusts me. Well, perhaps Ron Paul does also but he is the wrong guy for the right message. He just so happens to be wrong about some key Constitutional issues but that’s for another day. And, you don’t care anyway.

And about that ill-founded statement about me abandoning the Republican Party. What Republican Party? The one going by the wayside of the Whigg Party, the Know Nothing Party? When I hear alleged Republicans say we have to move into the bigger tent and move further to the left, I have to ask myself, who is the idiot that is saying all of this? Move further to the left when others are saying that the GOP has moved to the far right? When did the GOP move into the Anarchist’s Camp? Did you do that while we were fighting the Jihadi? Is that why I hear we have to move left because we are all Anarchists now? What did I miss while I was fighting to keep you all warm and fuzzy at night?

Perhaps you are all referring to those neocons. You know, those Democrats that moved into the GOP because they knew that running as a Conservative would guarantee a win and the Democrats, to this day, run “conservatives” against the “liberal” Republicans…and WIN. And you guys put a liberal Republican, ie John McCain up against another seasoned liberal? To what end? How did that work out for you, and the Nation? Does it make you proud that now, at this moment, a known Jihadi sympathizer, a known Communist is now in the position of acting President of the United States? An unknown? A nobody? A liberal so far to the left that Stalin would be proud? And you want to move FURTHER to the left? Have you lost your minds? And you ask me if I have abandoned you? You ask me if I have given up? You ask me for donations so that you can win elections by moving further to the left? I was, in fact, born in the early morning hours but, it wasn’t yesterday morning.

I have watched time and time again as the RNC/GOP machine embrace, coddle, promote and support known liberal Republicans and have watched each one fail and lose elections or re-elections. I witnessed my Senator, John Cornyn, throw all of his weight behind that democrat in drag Arlen Specter. When I heard that, I fired off a letter telling Senator Cornyn that the last election was my last vote for him and now he is doing the same with yet another democrat in drag that is all of a sudden, like McCain, Graham and Cantor, talking about “conservatism” like they believe in it and live it. Please. I can spot a liar from 10 clicks. Cornyn is now supporting and throwing his weight behind Crist. Who has abandoned whom? You have got to kidding me. Is Crist now going to defect to the Democrat Party like Arlen Specter did? He should.

What the RNC/GOP leadership ought to do but doesn’t have the moral fortitude to do, is purge the GOP of the democrats in drag and have their Party membership revoked, their membership cards sent through the shredder and have them take their neocon (old democrat) selves back to their first love, the Democrat Party. At least the enemy can be identified once more. It is nearly impossible to win a battle when the enemy cannot be clearly defined.

When one takes a critical look at both main political parties, it is very hard to distinguish which one is more liberal than the other and it seems like each is trying to out-liberal the other.

I watched the buffoons of the GOP act the court jester over the Terri Schiavo debacle – unconstitutional and an international embarrassment.

I watch and behold grown men and women make fools of themselves in both parties acting like spoiled brats caring for one thing and one thing only – winning an election at all costs. With a complete disregard for the United States Constitution, both parties go after each other in a power struggle because one Party says they can do a better job than the other and neither is worth the powder to blow them all to hell. Neither Party argues or debates their policies with the Constitution in mind.

When I witness people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid say in the public domain, “The will of the Congress will be done” or, “The will of the Congress has been heard” and no one challenges them on that, something is seriously wrong and I have to question the mental capacity of those that have sworn to protect and defend the United States Constitution. Last I knew, it was the will of We The People that WILL be done and WILL be heard.

We The People no longer have standing, so says SCOTUS. Excuse me? And the GOP says and does nothing of this? Do you support such nonsense? That very statement is unconstitutional and you ask me if I have abandoned you? I am a Soldier and you would not appreciate what I really have to say to you…perhaps one day face-to-face I will just to watch you tremble in shame. I’ll even show you my battle scars – the physical and psychological.

And, you should be ashamed. You should be ashamed that the United States Constitution gets left out of the debates except for the convenient mention of it when the cameras are rolling and republican democrats in drag are railing about Big Tents and winning elections. Shame on you.

Shame on you for giving lip service to border security.

Shame on you for allowing two Border Patrol officers to be sent to prison because democrat in drag Sutton’s career enhancement was more important than two men that did their damn jobs and some socialist hack nobody gave the criminal a free pass and punished two men for doing their jobs. And the GOP did nothing until the very end…and that is unacceptable as well. Shame on President Bush and the GOP for that domestic and international embarrassment.

Shame on you for fighting like little girly-men over the unconstitutional non-stimulus stimulus quagmire that no one read and not one of you in Congress challenged the constitutionality of it.

Shame on you for even considering HR45.

Shame on you for passing HR1388 and the equally unconstitutional Senate version. How is that constitutional again?

Shame on you for passing HR1913 and soon S909. What is the constitutional authority for that again?

Shame on you for NOT debating HR450, the Enumerated Powers Act of 2009. Why are you so afraid of that Bill? Is it forcing the federal government to actually adhere to the United States Constitution? Why are you so afraid of We The People?

There’s more and it only gets better. Read it at The Snooper Report

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