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April 6, 2009 Mr. Obama Goes Abroad Again, International Skills Still Sorely Lacking

“Islam has shaped the world for the better, including in the United States.” It must be true, because Barack Hussein Obama spoke those words in Turkey today, to a large Muslim audience over Al Jazerra TV. He also said that the “U.S. is not at war with Islam and will never be.” Jihadists will be so relieved to hear that. These statements were spoken the same day that Secretary Gates presented an austere military budget to Congress in the face of massive domestic expenditures to radically and rapidly provide new advantages to the “underprivileged.”

MSNBC’s commentator assured viewers that Obama’s new view of the U.S. and its relationship to the Muslim world is being received with widespread approval and reflects the majority US view on this matter. Said commentator also pointed to Obama’s great advantage in having “Muslim” relatives. Evidently, no one has explained to this

pseudo-journalist that to have Muslims in your family is like being “a little bit Jewish” – which is, itself, like being a “little bit pregnant” – ie, these modifiers all describe a condition that does not exist. If you are pregnant, Jewish or Muslim, you simple are. Period. Isn’t it odd that the same Presidential candidate who attacked any opponent for falsely claiming he is Muslim – or even referring to his own middle name, Hussein – now wears his affinity for the Muslim world on his sleeve for all the world to see.

That Obama indeed has a Muslim heritage is long an establshed fact. However, his inability to accurately assess overseas reactions to his public presentations could be a danger to us all. Witness his full depth body bow and kiss
on the hand of Saudi Arabian leader below. It doesn’t take a body-language expert to read those gestures. When
combined with the language of his televised speech above- and insipid overlooking of North Korea’s aggression
toward our Japanese allies, an undeniable signal is being sent – and it is not one of strength or leadership.
Link to video of 2 Bows here –

Also today, North Korea’s of a missile over Japan was responded to with harsh words by Obama – but little else to back them up. As a North Korea expert on Lou Dobbs tonight pointed out, the tepid US reaction to North Korea’s flagrant UN violations is perceived by their Communist government – and the leadership of their ally, China, as further signs of U.S. weakness.
While closer to home, it was announced today that, within 10 days, travel visas to Cuba will relax considerably. Bear in mind this is the same Cuba that is currently making plans for weaponry support off its coast by China, treacherously close to Florida’s shoreline. Simultaneously Cuba’s new Castro works closely with Chavez, who has been making plans for his dictator led country to receive similar support – off the Venezuelan coast – by none other than Russia.
It’s now glaringly apparent, however unfortunate, that Joe Biden got it right in his puzzling, controversial pre-election statement. He stated that within 6 months of an Obama administration a danger to the U.S. would be posed from abroad and Americans would not be pleased with Obama’s response. Lest any forget, mark his words and this post. An unconscious U.S. is now being surrounded with building military maneuvers by adversaries at the same time Obama- whether due to lack of judgment or lack of interest – signals these same adversaries that the U.S. is now humble, apologetic and ready to defer to their interests. . . . so countdown is 3 months down and less than 3 more to go.
Just days earlier, Obama assured the G20 – which offered no compliance of its own with his requests – that the US will
comply with their demands for international controls to be placed on U.S. banks and related industries. This didn’t seem
to concern him either. Could be he was still basking in the glow of the UK Queen’s gracious receipt of an ipod, loaded
in advance with videos of his speeches, in case she missed some of them. Curtsy due same Queen for her finesse
in restoring her equilibrium and grace after being unexpectedly manhandled by Mrs. Obama. Faux pas in Britain,
apologias elsewhere and full bows to Islam…. and Main Stream Media wags on commending how Obama is
recovering a US image tainted by an inept, distant Bush. There must be some humor in this . . . at least
for a few more months to the countdown on our sovereignity, economic prosperity and national security.
We can only suppose that Congress and MSNBC will appear to be appropriately surprised!

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