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Most people who visit this page will do so because the title will send them into orbit in offense against this volitile language of racism and bigotry and well they should feel offense, yet the vast majority of those same…
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This is my fourth in the series on Lying Without Lies and a devastating account of the cost in blood and money, the harm the media is causing around the world with regard to Islamic terror and the equation of their values to that of peaceful cultures and religions.

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This post features a full transcript of Brigitte Gaabriele’s address to the Heritage Foundation. She reveals things which Americans need to know, to save our nation from the fate Lebanon is experiencing.

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Its Shari’ah, Stupid #19

In this nineteenth installment of offensive Jihad in Fiqh, we examine another quote from a Sufi.

Shah Wali-Allah, d. 1762, teolog, sufi, politisk aktivist. Cit. ur Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi, Shah Wali-Allah and His Times (Canberra 1980), s. 294-6, 299, 301, 305.

It has become clear to my mind that the kingdom of heaven has predestined that kafirs should be reduced to a state of humiliation and treated with utter contempt. […]

Oh Kings! Mala a’la urges you to draw your swords and not put them back in their sheaths again until Allah has separated the Muslims from the polytheists and the rebellious kafirs and the sinners are made absolutely feeble and helpless. […]

Moreover, wherever there was even the slightest fear of a Muslim defeat, the Islamic army should be there to disperse infidels to all corners of the earth. Jihad should be their first priority, thereby ensuring the security of every Muslim.

Tell me again about how Sufism is pacifism. According to this Sufi, Kafirs should be humiliated and dispersed, absolutely enfeebled. Jihad should be Islam’s first priority.

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Waky Paki Policy

NTI’s Global Security News Wire reported on a presentation by three members of the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism to the House Armed Services Cmte.

The article includes a link to the Commission’s Dec. ’08 report, a 161 page .pdf file.  The following quote is from the Executive Summary, occurring on
page xxiii of the report  [pg. 24 of the .pdf]. [The main Pakistan section runs from pg. 94-104 of the .pdf and includes more recommendations.]

RECOMMENDATION 6: The next President and Congress
should implement a comprehensive policy toward Pakistan that
works with Pakistan and other countries to (1) eliminate terrorist
safe havens through military, economic, and diplomatic
means; (2) secure nuclear and biological materials in Pakistan;
(3) counter and defeat extremist ideology; and (4) constrain a
nascent nuclear arms race in Asia.

  1. Military action is the only possibility because Islam is doctrine driven; Jihad is not a function of economics or diplomacy, it is mandated by Islamic law.
  2. The perfect impossibility. The ISI is heavily infiltrated by Mujahideen.  The country is more than 80% Muslim.
  3. There is no extremist ideology, there is only Islam. Countering Islamic doctrine is difficult and untried. Any attempt to do so will increase violence in the short term and would likely result in overthrow of the regime by Mujahideen. Certainly the regime will not participate in and will vigorously oppose such a campaign.
  4. No hope in Hell; that genie is out of the bottle already.

U.S. policy should “focus on building the institutions that will stabilize the country and begin to drain off some of the enmity that is currently being evinced toward the U.S. and Western culture, generally,” Graham said.

That means emphasizing “soft power,” including diplomacy, culture and education, according to Graham and Talent.

No institution can stabilize Pakistan. Neither can enmity toward the West be drained off.  It is first necessary to remove Islam from the equation by inducing mass apostasy among the citizens of Pakistan. See pt.3 above.

Muslims do not want our culture or education; they hate us, our culture and our education. Islam is their Deen and they don’t want anything else.

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