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We Are Losing the Global War on Terror

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Are Losing the Global War on Terror

by Roger W. Gardner

What is the Global War on Terror?
The Global War on Terror. Why does the very name we have chosen for this monumental global conflict contain the seeds of our coming failure? The answer is simple. The name itself is prima facie evidence of our inability, or our adamant refusal, to face the hard truth about the real nature of this war. It is yet another example of our willful ignorance and our moral cowardice. Who are we fighting? Who are our enemies? Are we fighting some mysterious group of anonymous terrorists? Who has declared war against us, against the entire Judeo/Christian West? And finally, if we are afraid to even mention the name of our sworn enemy, how on earth can we ever expect to win this bloody war?

The unnamed enemy is Islam. Not some small fanatical group of Islamists, not some zealous band of religious extremists, but just plain, old-fashioned Islam. Islam has unequivocally declared war on the infidels. And we have unequivocally decided to deny the existence of this declaration. By conveniently defining this to be some amorphous “War on Terror”, we have deluded ourselves into thinking that it is something altogether different, something far less dangerous and pervasive than it really is. We have denied the existence of the monster who threatens us, and therefore we firmly believe that the monster ceases to exist.

Am I the first to remark on this cowardly game of semantics? Of course not. But despite all these prescient admonitions and warnings, has anything actually changed? Have we become more, or less, willing to honestly confront our enemies? To honestly name the name, Islam, bloody Islam?

On the contrary. As time has passed we have become ever more entrenched in our shameful state of denial. From the President on down we have steadfastly refused to name our adversaries for fear of upsetting them. Consequently, our adversaries grow stronger every day and they mock our weakness and our indecision. Now, ironically, for fear of making waves, we are facing a catastrophic Islamic tsunami.

Where is the War on Terror?
Where is the center of this so-called War on Terror? Iraq? Afghanistan? The entire Middle East? A legitimate case can be made that the center of the War on Terror today is in Gaza. Hamas, the semi-hidden face of Islam, is the personification of the real enemy. The rockets that fall daily on Sderot are the chosen weapons of this war. And how have we in the West chosen to support this War on Terror? We have shamefully blamed the victims. We have publicly admonished the Israelis for fighting this proxy War on Terror for us. We have condemned their efforts in the sanctimonious halls of the EU and the UN. We have passed innumerable resolutions naming the Israelis themselves as the real threat to peace. Yes, if ever there was a perfect paradigm for this War on Terror it must be in Gaza. And we have abandoned our only true ally in this entire blood-soaked region and taken the side of the enemy.

Do we really hate the Jews that much? Is the world’s eternal historical antisemitism so pervasive, so potent, that we would rather see Hamas and Hezbollah win? Do we secretly desire to see Israel “wiped off the map”? Do we hate the Jews so much that we would prefer to see Ahmadinejad actually get the bomb? Is our Western Civilization really that crazy? Is there some other logical explanation for our pathetic behavior?

The center of the War on Terror

Islam is the unnamed enemy we have refused to engage. Instead, we seek conciliation and accommodation. We offer compromise and denial. Anything to avoid confrontation. We will go to any lengths to avoid naming Islam as the enemy. This, then, is the true center of our War on Terror. Right here, in the heart and soul of our inglorious Western World. This is our Ground Zero. This is where the great battle has already been fought and lost. Here, in our prestigious halls of government and our great courts of justice, here in our liberal ivy-league universities and our self-congratulatory myopic media. Here, in our recent inexplicable election, an election wherein 49% of the electorate poled firmly believed that our most threatening problem was the economy (stupid), and an incredible 9% believed that it might actually be the threat of terrorism.

The question is no longer whether or not we have the will to prosecute this War on Terror, this War against Islam; we have already proven to our undying shame that we do not have the necessary will. Our only major concern now in this War on Terror has been how to get our troops back home. Exhibiting an adolescent impatience, we don’t want to hear about the cost of our withdrawal. We don’t want to hear about the consequences of our cowardice. We don’t want to hear what the enemy thinks about all this. We just want them home.

Have we truly become a generation of cowards? Do we really fear war more than we fear subjugation? Have the leftists in our midst really won? Have they finally succeeded in producing a generation of self-loathing anti-patriots, America-bashers, who find more in common with our enemies than with their own nation?

Unfortunately, oh, so unfortunately, thus far, all of our actions and inactions, culminating in the moral travesty of our recent elections, seem to say, Yes. – rg

As always, Roger’s clear insight cuts through the fog of battle and illuminates the target. We are not at war with a religion, we are at war with a war machine disguised as a religion; which uses pseudo religious dogma and ritual to

USA: What’s Next?

Roger puts the question in inimitable form; from Radarsite, with kind permission.

USA: What’s Next?

Hat tip to Ben and Right Hooks

Juval Aviv on Next Terrorist Attack in US
(From Steve at:

Juval Aviv was the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie ‘Munich’ was based. He was Golda Meir’s bodyguard — she appointed him to track down and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.In a lecture in New York City a few weeks ago, he shared information that EVERY American needs to know — but that our government has not yet shared with us.He predicted the London subway bombing on the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News stating publicly that it would happen within a week. At the time, O’Reilly laughed and mocked him saying that in a week he wanted him back on the show. But, unfortunately, within a week the terrorist attack had occurred.

Juval Aviv gave intelligence (via what he had gathered in Israel and the Middle East) to the Bush Administration about 9/11 a month before it occurred. His report specifically said they would use planes as bombs and target high profile buildings and monuments. Congress has since hired him as a security consultant.

Now for his future predictions. He predicts the next terrorist attack on the U.S. will occur within the next few months.Forget hijacking airplanes, because he says terrorists will NEVER try and hijack a plane again as they know the people onboard will never go down quietly again. Aviv believes our airport security is a joke — that we have been reactionary rather than proactive in developing strategies that are truly effective.
For example:
1) Our airport technology is outdated. We look for metal, and the new explosives are made of plastic.
2) He talked about how some idiot tried to light his shoe on fire. Because of that, now everyone has to take off their shoes. A group of idiots tried to bring aboard liquid explosives. Now we can’t bring liquids on board. He says he’s waiting for some suicidal maniac to pour liquid explosive on his underwear; at which point, security will have us all traveling naked! Every strategy we have is ‘reactionary.’
3) We only focus on security when people are heading to the gates.Aviv says that if a terrorist attack targets airports in the future, they will target busy times on the front end of the airport when/where people are checking in. It would be easy for someone to take two suitcases of explosives, walk up to a busy check-in line, ask a person next to them to watch their bags for a minute while they run to the restroom or get a drink, and then detonate the bags BEFORE security even gets involved. In Israel, security checks bags BEFORE people can even ENTER the airport.

Aviv says the next terrorist attack here in America is imminent and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places where large groups of people congregate. (i. e., Disneyland, Las Vegas casinos, big cities (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc.) and that it will also include shopping malls, subways in rush hour, train stations, etc., as well as rural America this time (Wyoming, Montana, etc.).

The attack will be characterized by simultaneous detonations around the country (terrorists like big impact), involving at least 5-8 cities, including rural areas. Aviv says terrorists won’t need to use suicide bombers in many of the larger cities, because at places like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, they can simply valet park a car loaded with explosives and walk away.Aviv says all of the above is well known in intelligence circles, but that our U. S. government does not want to ‘alarm American citizens’ with the facts.

The world is quickly going to become ‘a different place’, and issues like ‘global warming’ and political correctness will become totally irrelevant.

On an encouraging note, he says that Americans don’t have to be concerned about being nuked. Aviv says the terrorists who want to destroy America will not use sophisticated weapons. They like to use suicide as a front-line approach. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s effective; and they have an infinite abundance of young militants more than willing to ‘meet their destiny’. He also says the next level of terrorists, over which America should be most concerned, will not be coming from abroad. But will be, instead, ‘homegrown’ — having attended and been educated in our own schools and universities right here in the U. S. He says to look for ‘students’ who frequently travel back and forth to the Middle East. These young terrorists will be most dangerous because they will know our language and will fully understand the habits of Americans; but that we Americans won’t know/understand a thing about them.

Aviv says that, as a people, Americans are unaware and uneducated about the terroristic threats we will, inevitably, face. America still has only have a handful of Arabic and Farsi speaking people in our intelligence networks, and Aviv says it is critical that we change that fact SOON.

So, what can America do to protect itself?From an intelligence perspective, Aviv says the U.S. needs to stop relying on satellites and technology for intelligence. We need to, instead, follow Israel’s, Ireland’s and England’s hands-on examples of human intelligence, both from an infiltration perspective as well as to trust ‘aware’ citizens to help. We need to engage and educate ourselves as citizens; however, our U. S. government continues to treat us, its citizens, ‘like babies’. Our government thinks we ‘can’t handle the truth’ and are concerned that we’ll panic if we understand the realities of terrorism. Aviv says this is a deadly mistake.

Aviv recently created/executed a security test for our Congress, by placing an empty briefcase in five well-traveled spots in five major cities. The results? Not one person called 911 or sought a policeman to check it out. In fact, in Chicago, someone tried to steal the briefcase!In comparison, Aviv says that citizens of Israel are so well ‘trained’ that an unattended bag or package would be reported in seconds by citizen(s) who know to publicly shout, ‘Unattended Bag!’ The area would be quickly & calmly cleared by the citizens themselves. But, unfortunately, America hasn’t been yet ‘hurt enough’ by terrorism for their government to fully understand the need to educate its citizens or for the government to understand that it’s their citizens who are, inevitably, the best first-line of defense against terrorism.

Aviv also was concerned about the high number of children here in America who were in preschool and kindergarten after 9/11, who were ‘lost’ without parents being able to pick them up, and about ours schools that had no plan in place to best care for the students until parents could get there. (In New York City, this was days, in some cases!) He stresses the importance of having a plan, that’s agreed upon within your family, to respond to in the event of a terroristic emergency. He urges parents to contact their children’s schools and demand that the schools, too, develop plans of actions, as they do in Israel. Does your family know what to do if you can’t contact one another by phone? Where would you gather in an emergency? He says we should all have a plan that is easy enough for even our youngest children to remember and follow.

Aviv says that the U. S. government has in force a plan that, in the event of another terrorist attack, will immediately cut-off EVERYONE’s ability to use cell phones, blackberries, etc., as this is the preferred communication source used by terrorists and is often the way that their bombs are detonated. How will you communicate with your loved ones in the event you cannot speak? You need to have a plan.


And, speaking of our vulnerable children, this from an August 14, 2008 Radarsite article:

Could it happen here?

Once again, North Osettia is in the news, and once again the news is violent and alarming. It has been almost exactly four years since that horrific event that outraged the world, the bloody siege of North Ossetia’s Beslan School No. 1. More than 1,000 hostages were taken at the Beslan school in the early hours of September 1, 2004, by guerrillas demanding an end to the war in nearby Chechnya. A standoff ensued until September 3, when Russian personnel stormed the school and ended the siege with a series of loud explosions and a final assault. When the smoke had cleared the total number of dead was more than 330 people, half of them children.

The Chechen jihadist leader Shamil Besayev had warned the Russian government the winter prior to the attack: “Praise Allah, we are dreaming of dying in jihad, we are dreaming of dying on the way of Allah, so that we could earn paradise and mercy of Allah.”

This is the war we are in. We must not allow ourselves to be misled or confused by sins of omissions or purposeful obfuscations. We must learn to connect the dots. We must learn to see these seemingly anomalous events for what they really are, not isolated tragedies, faraway and removed from our everyday world, not individual maniacs freaking out and killing our children in front of our very eyes on our university campuses; but rather as part of that great Islamic Jihad against the West, against the infidel. From the Munich Olympics to 9/11, from the streets of Mogadishu to the bombing of the Cole — it’s the same ruthless enemy, the same bloodthirsty child-killing jihadist Muslims. They are “dreaming of dying in jihad”. And, have no doubts about it America, we are still on their list.

Last December 2007, Radarsite ran a truly alarming article, cross posted from Deb Hamilton’s Right Truth, on the threats received by a number of elementary and high schools in Florida. A series of post cards [see above] were sent to several different schools in the area promising “an explosive surprise”. Fortunately, nothing came of it. Whether it was proven to be a stupidly cruel hoax, or whether an actual attack had been thwarted we may never know. But, as they say, the writing was on the wall. How many similar plots have been silently thwarted we will quite possibly never know. But we can be certain of this: the minds that thought up the bloody siege of Beslan are still thinking. Could it happen here? A more pertinent question might be, why hasn’t it happened here yet? Are we that good? Or have we just been lucky?

A couple of years ago I made a trip back to my childhood home for the first time in over 50 years, Of course, much had changed, some of it was completely unrecognizable, and some of it looked exactly as I had remembered it all those years. But one of the most disquieting changes that I came across on that sentimental journey were the new additions to my old elementary school. The small friendly brick building was now ringed with an ominous row of concrete traffic barriers. I found that I couldn’t even get inside to visit my old school without first making an appointment and being cleared by security.

So, it seems we have adapted. We’ve tightened up our loose ends. We’ve put up the money required to install the latest access control technologies: traffic barriers, security doors, high-tech iris scanners, metal detectors, and we’ve developed more stringent security procedures. And, so far, so good.

But, are we really prepared?

Are we psychologically and emotionally prepared for a well planned and executed three day Beslan type siege? Are we strong enough to handle the unbearable pressure? Can we withstand the horrific drama being played out 24 hours a day for three days on our widescreen TVs? Do we have the will power to resist their inevitable outrageous demands? Will we release terrorists from Gitmo? Or pressure Israel to make some deadly concessions? What are we willing to do and not to do? Have we even seriously thought about it?

We certainly have the technology. We have the equipment. And we have the most proficient and courageous first responders, police, firemen, and SWAT teams in the world. But do we have the strength of character to stand back and let them do their jobs without interference? For the sake of our children’s lives will we sacrifice our national security? Will we open the door for more deadly blackmail in the future?

Could a Beslan happen here in America, to an American school?

Yes, absolutely.

Are we prepared to face the terrible enormity of this possible scenario?

Probably not.

Can we ever be truly prepared for such a horror?

Probably not.

But we had better at least start thinking about it. Because our enemies most certainly have.

A note from Radarsite: How long have we been sounding this fateful alarm? For how many years have people like us been crying out in the wilderness of disinterest and denial? For all of our efforts we have been merely ridiculed and labeled as ‘fearmongers’. But if we are fearmongers we aren’t doing a very good job of it, are we? It can become so disheartening. Are we merely talking to ourselves? Merely preaching to the choir of believers? Ask yourself — How many of your family and friends allot more than a token appreciation of the threat we face from resurgent Islam? How many of your family and friends spend more than a few minutes a week worrying about these inevitable scenarios? Have we by our meager efforts managed to convince anyone of the imminent dangers we face here in America? Have the unimaginable horrors pictured in that amazing photo at the top of this page faded away into the musty recesses of our collective memory? Have these images taken their place amongst all of those old disaster movies we have seen too many times, and don’t really want to see again?
Let us pray. Let us pray for America, and pray for ourselves to have the strength to carry on this seemingly endless and fruitless exercise in fearmongering. Let us pray that somehow our friends and family will awake to this terrible threat BEFORE the event, and not wait to merely react to the horrors that have already occured.
And to our government, let us say, We are not children. We are adults. We can handle the truth. Far from protecting us, by concealing the magnitude of the threats we face, you are only making us all the more vulnerable.
God help America. – rg

It will happen here; just a matter of time. There will be loss of life and you will not be able to do anything about it. There will be no single nation to retaliate against. What then?  Will you wake up? Will you wise up? Will you rise up?  I doubt it very much.

To answer Roger’s opening questions, we are not prepared, in any form, for the next terror attack. Our leaders lack the ability to anticipate and prepare for it and they lack the courage to expel Islam’s fifth column before it can act.  We are led by damned fools, the cowed & corrupt and, worse yet, we have elected one of the enemy to preside over us.  Roger is too polite to say that; I ain’t. I don’t care who I offend with the truth.

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Spare the Pieties

Spare the Pieties on Gaza

by Jack Engelhard

Israel is a Jewish State. Is that your problem?

Now you’re up and about? Now you speak? Where were you when, throughout the years, thousands of jihadist bombs fell on Israel? The streets of Europe were empty. There were no pictures in the newspapers of grieving Jewish mothers and fathers. You called it “peace” as long as the Arabs were doing the killing and the Jews were doing the dying. All was well with the world.

Suddenly, as Israel answered back, you found your Cause; and how self-righteous you are in your Cause.

Now that you’ve enjoyed a sample of truth, why not finish the meal? Click the link in the title and read it all. Then share it widely!

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Hamas in Their Own Words

Hamas In Their Own Voices

An email from a state Act For America chapter on the East Coast alerted me to the existence of another red hot video clip. This one, from MEMRI, shows Hamas leaders spewing their genocidal venom prior to Israel’s well justified retaliatory strike into Gaza.

MEMRI’s bulletin announcing this video clip is here.

The video, a compilation of MEMRI TV clips that aired prior to the current Gaza crisis, includes statements by Hamas leaders calling for the annihilation of Israel and of all Jews, for death to America, and for the Islamic conquest of the world.

Featured are Hamas leader Khaled Mash’al, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, Hamas MPs Mushir Al-Masri and Fathi Hamad, Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal, Palestinian Legislative Council acting speaker Sheikh Ahmad Bahr, and Hamas clerics Wael Al-Zarad and Muhsen Abu ‘Ita.

Viewers will also witness Hamas military training for adults and children, anti-American speeches at rallies including burning of the American flag and calls of support for “The Afghan Mujahidin”, Hamas Al-Aqsa TV children’s shows, and more.

The following quotes were contained in the email I received earlier.

Khaled Mash’al,
Hamas Leader (Al-Quds TV ( Lebanon ) 12/29/08
Allah Akbar…..Therefore, we in Hamas and I think most of the (other) forces (say) loud and clear that after December 19, 2008 the tahdiah will end and will not renewed.
This in their own voices is Hamas….before the war!
Yunis Al-Astal
Hamas MP & Cleric
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)
Very soon. Allah willing. Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was. Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam—this  capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests which will spread through Europe in its entirety and then will be turned to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.
Sheik Ahmad Bahr
Palestine Legislative Council
Acting Speaker
Sudan TV, Channel 4 ( Iran )
Allah willing, “you will be victorious while America and Israel will be annihilated. Allah willing, and kill them all, down to the very last one.
Ismail Haniya
Hamas PM (Hamas/Gaza)
Oh Americas , Allah will punish you. The time has come for Allah to declare war on you, oh usurers! We have come there to have to say as we burn the American flag, with the grace of Allah—–
Mushir Al-Masri
Hamas MP
Al-Jazeera TV ( Qatar )
We salute the resistance in Afghanistan . Which humiliates the American Army. The army of Bush, by the grace of Allah.
Child in a children’s TV program..I will kill you Bush because that is your fate…Ahhh, I killed him.
Fathi Hammad
Hammas MP
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)
That by the grace of Allah killing a single Jew is the same as killing 30 million Jews.
Wael Al-Zarad
Hamas Cleric
Al-Aqsa TV
As Muslims our blood vengeance against them will only subside with their annihilation, Allah willing.
Mushen Abu ‘lta
Hamas Cleric
Hamas/Gaza TV
The annihilation of the Jews here in Palestine is one of the splendid  blessings of Palestine .
Khaled Mash ‘al
Hamas Leader
Al Jazeera TV ( Qatar )
Yes, Allah is greater than America . Allah is greater than the superpowers. We say to this West, By Allah you will be defeated. Today, the Arab and Islamic nation is rising and awakening. It will regain the leadership of the world. Death to Israel . Death to America .

In my previous post “Hamas = Islam”,  I showed you that Islam & Hamas are one and the same. This video shows us their intentions, in a most violent venomous spew.  So that you may understand where they get the feces they spew, I post links to Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir, which fully exposes the sources: Islam’s canon of scripture & tradition. Read them and curse Islam!

Islamic supremacism & triumphalism flow from Moe’s recitation & Sunnah.  Read them, understand them, share them and curse them. [Use this link if you can’t see the video player above this line.]
This is vital information, please don’t waste it! Copy this blog post and paste it into an email, share it with your friends, family & associates. Exhort the recipients to forward it.  This vital information must be widely broadcast, not suppressed. I’ve done my part, now you do yours; together we will advance the cause of saving Western Civilization.

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