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Abu Yusuf, d. 798, Hanafi. Kitab al-kharaj, transl. Edmond Fagnan, Le livre de l’impot foncier (Paris 1921).

Arab territory differs from non-Arab territory in that one fights Arabs only to oblige them to embrace Islam without making them pay the poll tax: nothing but their conversion is acceptable, and their land, if it is left to them, is tithe land. […] The Arabs who possess Revealed Scriptures [Jews and Christians] are treated as non-Arabs and are allowed to pay the poll-tax. […]

You have now seen a quote from the Hanafi school of Shari’ah. This quote was drawn from a Swedish forum which became a victim of censorship. Having saved the forum thread to my hard disk, I have compiled it into an rebook and made it available on my web site.

The present passage has meaning: Arab victims had to be converted or killed; Jews, Christians, Sabeans, Samaritans & Zoroastrians could be converted or subjugated & extorted as Dhimmis. All must be warred upon. That passage hit paper less than 200 years after Moe’s death; it is not a modern innovation by the Abd Al-Wahab.

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