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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

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I discovered an interesting article while reading the Muslims Against Sharia Blog.

Keep the Muslims Out?

Art Hall
Cape May County Herald

The internal-external threat is like no other we have ever faced. It is from Islam. While Christianity preaches peace, the Quran preaches conquest by force of arms.

In order to chart a course for the future, we must first remember who we were, review who we are now, and consider the national structure we want to bequeath to our children and grandchildren. We were and are both a democratic and Christian nation in our fundamental structure. If we desire for America to remain thus, we must first recognize the current threats, and then develop the will to stand against those who are undermining them, those who detest what we cherish.

The publisher quoted Douglas  Feith and Geert Wilders.  This has upset the enemy, so that CAIR is calling for his job. They have urged the hordes to besiege the paper with letters of complaint. Now is the time to read that excellent editorial and the numerous reader comments, then add your own, as I have done. Lets show them that Americans will still stand up to defend our freedom of expression.

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