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Open Letter to the Electoral College

Open Letter to the Electoral College

Ladies and gentlemen, as electors, you are charged with the duty of selecting a President to preside over the executive affairs of this nation for the ensuing four years.

The peculiar institution whose powers you will exercise on December 15 was intended to avoid both the intrigues & cabals involved in election by the legislature and the impulsive passions & ignorance to which popular election would be subject. Your office results from one of the most important compromises made by the Constitutional Convention.

The present circumstances bring an enhancement to the gravity of the responsibility of your office. Inadequate vetting & journalistic scrutiny of one charismatic candidate have joined with a popular fervor for his candidacy resulting in a majority popular vote for one:

  • whose policy positions are ambiguous
  • who encouraged the voters to make unfounded assumptions that he would grant them impossible benefits
  • whose alliances with racists, domestic terrorists & supporters of international terrorism bring his judgment into question
  • whose alliance with a convicted felon and indicted Governor bring his morality under a dark shadow of suspicion
  • whose apparent acceptance of illegal foreign campaign contributions brings the legitimacy of his campaign under question
  • whose agents met with officers of a terrorist group at war with our ally in apparent violation of the Logan Act
  • and whose refusal to produce authentic documentation of his having been born in this country brings his eligibility under question.

At a time when our nation is at war on two foreign battlefronts, challenged by a resurgent Russia and threatened by Iran’s approaching ascension to nuclear armament, we need a President whose judgment and integrity are unquestioned.

At a time when our economy and that of the world are turning downward, through recession toward depression, we need a President who is free from the taint of scandal, able to act decisively and lead; not subject to the water torture of drips & dribbles of facts from the investigation & trial of his political ally.

This is the occasion for which your office was created; a time when popular passion & ignorance resulted in the selection of an unqualified person neither worthy nor well prepared for the duties of high office when our nation is at peril on multiple fronts.

As a citizen, I therefore challenge you to be true and faithful to the oath of office you have sworn and give ample consideration to the security, welfare, prosperity & happiness of this nation by rejecting the error of popular impulse and electing the McCain / Palin slate in its stead.

To our international visitors: please leave a comment advising us of the reason for your interest in this esoteric subject matter.

To our American activist readership: dbsolo alerted me by email to the existence of a chatroom which has posted contact information for the Electors. This link is to the Michigan page:

Democratic Disaster has more interesting information for your education & enjoyment, it is well worth a visit.

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