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Durban II: Egregious Arrogance Part 6

The preliminary draft is in five Microsoft Word files linked at the bottom of this page. Click this link to read Section 4, a target rich environment from which I have excerpted some of the most egregious clauses.

4. (Believes) that freedom of expression and considers it as is a corner stone of contemporary human rights regime. However, misuse or abuse, as provided in Article 20 of the ICCPR and Article 4 of the ICERD must be taken into account to avoid possible negative fall outs. Therefore, while elaborating specific laws on combating incitement to racial and religious hatred, these must conform to the relevant provision of ICCPR and ICERD.

Article 20

1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law. 2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.

Article 4

States Parties condemn all propaganda and all organizations which are based on ideas or theories of superiority of one race or group of persons of one colour or ethnic origin, or which attempt to justify or promote racial hatred and discrimination in any form, and undertake to adopt immediate and positive measures designed to eradicate all incitement to, or acts of, such discrimination and, to this end, with due regard to the principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the rights expressly set forth in article 5 of this Convention, inter alia: (a) Shall declare an offence punishable by law all dissemination of ideas based on racial superiority or hatred, incitement to racial discrimination, as well as all acts of violence or incitement to such acts against any race or group of persons of another colour or ethnic origin, and also the provision of any assistance to racist activities, including the financing thereof; (b) Shall declare illegal and prohibit organizations, and also organized and all other propaganda activities, which promote and incite racial discrimination, and shall recognize participation in such organizations or activities as an offence punishable by law; (c) Shall not permit public authorities or public institutions, national or local, to promote or incite racial discrimination.

  • “Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.” Then you must ban the Qur’an, hadith & Sharia. Al-Anfal, Al-Taubah, Bukhari 52, 53 & 59 and Umdat al-Salik O9 are pure, unmitigated warmongering. In fact, war is what a Muslim must do to escape Hellfire and enter Paradise. We need to outlaw Islam.
  • “Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.” Western civilization is under attack by Islam. Given that fact, exhortations to effective national defense does not fall under that provision. Neither does factual exposure of the doctrines & practices of Moe’s murder cult. I am warning about Islam’s genocidal & totalitarian intentions, not warmongering.

Ban Ki-Moon condemned FITNA as hate speech. It only documents the cause/effect relationship between Islamic scripture, preaching & violence. That ain’t hate speech and there is no justification for attempting to censor it!

  • “States Parties condemn all propaganda and all organizations which are based on ideas or theories of superiority of one race or group of persons of one colour or ethnic origin”
    • 3:110. You [true believers in Islâmic Monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad and his Sunnah (legal ways, etc.)] are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma’rûf (i.e. Islâmic Monotheism and all that Islâm has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbelief and all that Islâm has forbidden), and you believe in Allâh. And had the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) believed, it would have been better for them; among them are some who have faith, but most of them are Al-Fâsiqûn (disobedient to Allâh – and rebellious against Allâh’s Command).
    • Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 80: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Verse:–“You (true Muslims) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind.” means, the best of peoples for the people, as you bring them with chains on their necks till they embrace Islam.
    • 9:35. It is He Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islâm), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikûn (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh) hate (it).
  • “and undertake to adopt immediate and positive measures designed to eradicate all incitement to, or acts of, such discrimination”
    • 8:65. O Prophet (Muhammad)! Urge the believers to fight. If there are twenty steadfast persons amongst you, they will overcome two hundred, and if there be a hundred steadfast persons they will overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are people who do not understand.
    • 9:29. Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

International law requires you to condemn and prohibit the practice of Islam because Jihad is one of its mandatory intrinsic sacraments. Instead you seek, under color of law, to shield it from exposure. Shame on you!!!

5. (Underlines that) an important element in the fight against racism is the need to raise awareness and enhance understanding between and among different cultures and societies, some useful steps have been taken such as Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation for Peace and Alliance of Civilizations. Such mechanisms must not only be supported but enhanced and multiplied at all possible forums. At the national level such mechanisms should be created to reach out to all the religious ethnic and linguistic minorities and vulnerable groups. This approach will bring about better understanding of the problems and misconceptions at different level as well as provide ownership in the programmes designed for the betterment of vulnerable groups. The benefits of interfaith cooperation and dialogue should be taught at the basic level to ensure effective integration of minorities and better understanding and tolerance among societies.

Islam is supremely intolerant.

  • 3:19. Truly, the religion with Allâh is Islâm. Those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) did not differ except, out of mutual jealousy, after knowledge had come to them. And whoever disbelieves in the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allâh, then surely, Allâh is Swift in calling to account.
  • 3:85. And whoever seeks a religion other than Islâm, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.

What is there to discuss with those who are obligated to conquer and subjugate us?

10. (Urges) States should to ensure a comprehensive and universal approach to the fight against racism and discrimination, in particular by ensuring the same treatment and protection to all victims of racism and discrimination and recommends the following best practices: (a) – Adopting a comprehensive legal framework to fight racism and all forms of discrimination, including multiple and aggravated forms of discrimination; (b) – Ensuring access to justice for victims as a means to fight against impunity for racist and xenophobic crimes as well as appropriate remedies; (c) – Preventing impunity for crimes motivated by racist or xenophobic attitudes. Considering the racist motivation as an aggravated circumstance; (d) – Stressing that States should promote and ensure democracy, accountable and participatory good governance which is responsive to the needs of the people and the rule of law as an essential element in the fight against racism and discrimination; (e) – Highlighting the important role to be played by parliaments, not only as a forum to promote debate around the problem of discrimination but also as a key actor in the creation of national legal frameworks in tune with international human rights instruments and fostering the effective implementation of the latter; (f) – Stressing the freedom of expression as a necessity to counter racism and discrimination, while at the same time avoiding incitement to violence and hatred in accordance with articles 19 and 20 ICCPR; (g) – Supporting the positive role Media can play in the fight against racism and discrimination; (h) – Adopting measures to address the issue of hate speech in the Media, including on the Internet;

Islam defines every criticism as hate speech. Ban Ki-Moon condemned FITNA because it exposed the source of Islamic violence. You would ban this series of blog posts because it condemns Islam with its own texts as irrefutable evidence of its mercenary & aggressive nature.

(i) – Taking effective measures to promote diversity in the work place, including in public services; (j) – Promoting measures to strengthen the role of education, training and awareness raising measures in the fight against racism and discrimination;

We do not want our children being indoctrinated with lies about our sworn enemy being a “great religion of peace” and an “equally valid path to God”. We want education to be reserved for objective factual information, not enemy political propaganda.

(k) – Promoting mediation measures to fight against racism and discrimination; (l) – Emphasizing the role of preventive measures against racism and discrimination, also as a means to prevent conflicts and violence, in particular war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide; (m) – Supporting the important role that preventive measures of early warning and urgent action can play in the prevention of conflicts through addressing occurrences of racial and/or ethnic conflict at the earliest possible stage; (n) – Ensuring the existence and implementation of measures to counter discrimination against women suffering from racism and racial discrimination and promoting gender mainstreaming; (o) – Placing a general duty on public authorities to promote equality. Public authorities should, in performing their public functions, have due regard to the need to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination, and to promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different ethnic or racial origins; (p) – Adopting a national action plan against racism and all forms of discrimination- Underlining and supporting the positive and complementary role played by regional organizations such as the Council of Europe or the OSCE in the fight against racism and discrimination, including by adopting specific legislation to fight against racism and discrimination; (q) – Supporting the role of civil society, including by financing its activities as appropriate;

We don’t want our tax money going to subsidize allies & supporters of terrorists! 11. Reaffirms that a foreign occupation founded on settlements, its laws based on racial discrimination with the aim of continuing domination of the occupied territory, as well as its practices, which consist of reinforcing a total military blockade, isolating towns, cities and villages under occupation from each other, totally contradict the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and constitute a serious violation of international human rights and humanitarian law, a new kind of apartheid, a crime against humanity, a form of genocide and a serious threat to international peace and security; How easily you invert history, law & morality. It must come of long study & practice. It is Muslim Arabs, not Jews who are the occupiers & colonists. Israel was invaded by Caliph Umar in 638. When, after WW2, she regained a tiny fragment of her ancient patrimony, the Muslims immediately set out on a mission of genocide. They tried again in 1967 and lost the territories. Anyone with an open mind can visit and learn the truth. That of which you bitterly bitch is consequence of 60 years of genocidal terrorism which continues to the present day.


(a) (Urges States to) devise legislation and policies that are specific to combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance at the national level to complement the more general provisions enshrined in national constitutions;

You urge states to contravene free speech by penalizing criticism of Islam. Go to Hell! We’ll have no part of it.

(b) (Encourages States to) establishing institutions at the national and regional levels to combat racism and monitor racist acts and phenomena;

19. Urge States, regional and international organizations and civil society to continue promoting respect for multiracial, multicultural, and multi-ethnic aspects of societies and to spread human rights awareness, with a view to combating all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance;

There is a right to live, free & unmolested, without being killed, subjugated, enslaved, dispossessed, raped or mutilated. Islam postulates a right and duty to kill, subjugate, enslave, rape and rob; to kill us, rape our widows and sell our children into slavery. You can go to Hell with it! The rights enshrined in our Declaration of Independence & Constitution are right. The demonic drek enshrined in the Qur’an, hadith, tafsir & Sharia are wrong. We know the difference. We have a right to expose that difference. We will not yield that right!

21. (a) (Encourages States to) The development of a National Action Plan on Human Rights, including action steps to improve race relations.

Islam is not a race; it is a way of life: predation upon the human race. It can not be accepted nor tolerated.

(b) (Calls on States to) establish, strengthen, review and reinforce the effectiveness of independent national human rights institutions, including a capacity to consider complaints.

We’ll have no part of your kangaroo courts. This ain’t Canada, we have a bill of rights, and we will maintain it. We do not need nuisance suits. We don’t need legal intimidation. Kiss off!

(c) (Urges States to) collect, analyse, disseminate and publish reliable statistical data on racism and racial discrimination, with the objective of monitoring the situation of marginalised groups. (d) (Calls for the) convening of interfaith dialogues on a regular basis at the national, regional and international level.

What is there to talk about with those who are sworn to defeat us and gather us into Hell?

(e) (Encourages) the development of national Diversity Action Programmes and the publication of national statements on religious diversity, language policy, and race relations. (f) (Also encourages) the publication and dissemination of an annual race relations review, including progress made and challenges. (g) (Urges the creation of) frameworks to encourage the active participation in national and local government of minority and/or new communities.

24. (a) (Highlights the importance of) issuing laws on the protection of particularly vulnerable ethnic groups and, as required and on a non-selective basis, laws that seek to protect particular groups that are more susceptible, in certain contexts, to racism; (b) (Calls upon States to) incorporating into domestic law obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racism;

You are pedaling censorship; we’ll have no part of it!!! Islam is not a race; it is a way of life: predation upon the human race; unacceptable and intolerable.

(c) (Also calls upon States to) elaborating specific laws on combating incitement to racial and religious hatred, in conformity with obligations under article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and article 4 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination;

The incitement to hatred & violence was issued nearly 1400 years ago and codified in the Qur’an, hadith & Sharia. It is perfected, fixed & immutable, beyond the scope of mortal man to change. Thus Islam can not be reformed; can not be rendered harmless. You would amputate the viper’s rattles and paint over the skunk’s stripes so that mankind would not be warned. How foul and repugnant are your works, you who shield evil from disclosure!!

25. Invites States to consider affirmative action and other equity-oriented public policies which attempt to remedy and overcome historical exclusions;

Do it with your own money, not ours!

29. Invites States to promote intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and cooperation at all levels, especially the local and grass-roots levels;

What? Should we discuss how to lift Allah’s tail and osculate his anus? Should we co-operate in baring our throats to have them slit? No, thank you!!!

34. (Underlines the importance of) durable settlement of historical grievances for indigenous populations, including an agreed historical account, apology, statutory instruments to recognise the claimants’ special interests and the provision of redress.

You mean the Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans & Hindus? Or how about the Persians? No? You are back to your moral inversion tactics again; blaming the Israeli victims for the situation of their attackers. Go to Hell, where you belong!

36. (Calls on States to) promote ing an inclusive pattern of education, which takes into consideration the diversity present in each society

There is a difference between education & indoctrination. Unfortunately for you, we are aware of that difference. 37. (Also calls on States to) investing in education and awareness raising at an early age, including through leisure activities (sport games, youth camps, multicultural festivals)and undertaking a revision of curricula to raise awareness of different cultures and civilizations and in fair and objective perspectives and to promote a culture of human rights and respect for diversity

38. (Encourages States to) disseminate ing a culture of equality and non-discrimination, including through awareness raising and education at all levels and through the media

All men are created equal; endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights; the right to prey upon their fellow man is not in the list. Get over it. We do not want and we will not accept your damn propaganda in our schools!

39. (a) (Urges the) establishment ing (of) institutions with the function of promoting tolerance and intercultural harmony through dialogue;

Institutionalized predation is not tolerable. There is no divine mandate, neither any right to practice the profession of piracy. We will neither accept nor tolerate it. Get that fact through your thick skull.

(b) (Calls for the) introduction ing of educational curricula aimed at raising awareness of different cultures and civilizations with a fair and objective perspective and with the involvement of the concerned communities;

We are reading the Qur’an, tafsir, Hadith & Sharia. That is our education. We have learned that which you seek to conceal, and we are sharing it. We will not be silenced!!! We will not be intimidated!!! We will not accept censorship!!! Your propaganda is exposed to the light of truth, which will not be extinguished.

(c) (Also calls for the) commemoration ing within the United Nations and beyond (of) the plight of victims of colonialism and other historic injustices;

Where would you like to start? Perhaps with the Banu Qurayzah? Perhaps with the Hindus? Why not the Armenians? Or maybe the victims of the Devshirm system. Perhaps you should just sit down and shut up; disgusting hypocrites.

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