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Durban II: Egregious Arrogance Part 4

The preliminary draft is in five Microsoft Word files linked at the bottom of this page. Click this link to read Section 1, the first of the five files, a target rich environment from which I have excerpted some of the most egregious clauses. Section one is comprised mainly of 305 items in an ordered list. In this post I will deal with selections from Item157 to 235

157. Reaffirm also that education is one of the principal means of preventing and eradicating racism and racial discrimination and of raising awareness of human rights, particularly among children and young people, and in this context stress the need to amend suitably the textbooks that perpetuate racial stereotypes or encourage xenophobia; (reproduced twice)

Translation: take over the educational system to indoctrinate students with Islamic apologia & multicultural idiocy to reduce their will & ability to resist Jihad.
No mention is made of the hateful indoctrination in text books used throughout the Islamic states. No mention is made of the hateful & violent ayat  and ahadith which form the basis of education in Madrassahs. Why not? Because of their agenda!

158. Emphasize that education and awareness-raising activities undertaken by states should aim to foster a spirit of tolerance and respect for people from different races, religions, cultures and nationalities from an early age; (reproduced twice)

Tolerance & respect must be mutual. Islam is supremely intolerant & disrespectful. Islam can not reform; it is intolerable and unworthy of respect.  No flood of propaganda can overcome those fatal facts.

159. Re-emphasize the importance and necessity of teaching about the past and recent history of colonialism, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance in order to prevent the recurrence of such policies and practices;

Of course, that does not include the history of Islam’s initial empire building & expansion.  It wouldn’t be appropriate to reveal how Moe slaughtered 900 captive men and boys in beautiful downtown Medina.  It wouldn’t be appropriate to reveal the details of the slaughter of Hindus; how Hindu Kush got its name.  It wouldn’t be appropriate to discuss burning churches full of Christians in Constantinople.

160. Noting that some of the other obstacles hampering progress in the collective struggle against racism and racial discrimination include; weak legislation and policies, lack of moral, educational and practical strategies, non-implementation of international legal framework and commitments by some, persisting impunity on different grounds such as freedom of expression, counter terrorism or national security as well as sharp increase in the extreme right wing xenophobic political platforms.

Truthful expression is Constitutionally protected for blessed good reason: so that we may honestly & accurately discuss real and proximate threats which may arise internally or externally.  Islamic Jihad is one such threat.  We must be able to discuss its origins, doctrines, history and methods.  You would outlaw Fitna, Obsession and What the West Needs to Know About Islam.  You would outlaw this and similar blog posts.  You should go directly to Hell. We will not yield our hard won liberties!!!

161. Some of the other normative and preventive measure that have been proposed over time during discussions on the subject of Review mechanisms include; a) mandatory prohibition by law to eliminate racio-religious profiling or profiling based on any grounds of discrimination recognized under international human rights law with the legal action against perpetrators and effective remedies for the victims; b) legal restrictions on the dissemination of all ideas based upon racial superiority or hatred and incitement to hatred; c) in pursuance of the paragraph 144 of the DDPA, media representative should draw up a their our code of conduct; d) as proposed by the Special Representative on Racism, establishment of national, regional and international monitoring bodies for racist and xenophobic acts, including the OHCHR observatory for racist incidents; e) emphasis on the role of cultural diversity and human rights education in promoting tolerance and preventing racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance;

  1. Given the fact that most terrorist incidents are perpetrated by young Muslim males, subjecting elderly Kuffar women to search & interrogation is unreasonable and a waste of resources. Careful examination of Muslims is reasonable and prudent. Better yet, we should totally exclude them from our shores. Let them stay home, where we won’t need to worry about their splattering bone & flesh
  2. Given Islamic distortion of the language, racial issues are conflated with opposition to Islam. You seek to outlaw revelation of the damnable doctrines of Islam which sanctify & mandate Jihad, genocide & terrorism. Applied objectively, your standard would outlaw the Qur’an which is absolutist, supremacist, triumphalistic & violent.
  3. Self censorship; no thanks.
  4. You watch passively while thousands of innocents are slaughtered by Muslims in Darfur and elsewhere. Kiss off.
  5. Education implies imparting truthful information, not indoctrination with false propaganda.  Kiss off.

162. Urges states to take immediate measures as a matter of priority to end such practices which constitute flagrant violation of human rights;

You are in an urgent hurry to deprive us of our right of free expression. We find that unacceptable.

183. Resolutely condemn any ideologies and practices based on racial discrimination or superiority which entail abuse of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and affirm that all States have the obligation to take all available measures to combat ideologies, activities and practices based on racial discrimination or superiority;

Islam fits that definition: an ideology based on assumed racial, tribal & religious superiority whose practices: Jihad, genocide & terrorism  abuse the human rights to live in peace unmolested. As such, all states are obligated to take all available measures to combat Islam. and its Jihad.  Get started, gentlemen, the sooner the better.

211.      Also recognize the need to adopt, and implement strictly stringent laws, administrative measures and action plans aimed at countering all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, to carry out exhaustive, timely and impartial investigations of all acts of racism and racial discrimination, to penalize those responsible according to the law and to secure prompt and fair reparation for the victims;

212.      Call on states to ensure that any measures taken in the fight against terrorism do not discriminate, in purpose or effect, on the grounds of race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin as well as on the grounds of culture, religion and language and that non-citizens are not subjected to racial or ethnic profiling or stereotyping;

The only practical way to prevent terrorist attacks without surveiling, searching & interrogating the most obvious suspects is to completely exclude members of the terror sponsoring institution from our shores. In short: to deport the Muslims currently present and prohibit the entry of Muslims to our country.  Get them out and keep them out; in the long run, cheaper, more fair and more effective.

230.      Requests the Human Rights Council to invite religious and cultural communities to promote an in-depth intercultural and interreligious dialogue, including on joint actions on issues at the core of their faith such as peace, human rights and development and to analyse the internal factors in their beliefs, practices and relationships that may have contributed to incitement to religious hatred;

Such a dialogue is impossible under the blasphemy law you are attempting to impose.  You won’t let us discuss the damnable doctrines which sanctify & mandate conquest, genocide & terrorism.  There is no peace at the core of Islam, only war.  Peace only comes when the entire world is conquered. Jihad continues to Judgment Day. If Muslims abandon Jihad in favor of productive pursuits such as agriculture, they will be cursed until they return to their “original religion“, which is Jihad.

232.      Urging the Human Rights Council to address the denial of genocide, as recognized by the United Nations, as an attempt to undermine the recognition of genocide as a crime under international law;

Empty rhetoric without substantial meaning to the objective reader. Why don’t you simply recognize aggressive Jihad as a crime against humanity?  Was Hitler’s murder of Jews a crime against humanity but his invasion of  other nations an innocent act of normal statecraft?

235.      Emphasize the importance of national human rights institutions and other similar entities in the struggle against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance  and the need, as provided by law, for the authorities and society in general to cooperate with such institutions to the maximum extent in those countries where they do exist;

We can only assume that this is a reference to the Canadian Human Rights Councils which sit as extra judicial kangaroo courts to harass and intimidate anyone who dares to speak out about Islam’s doctrines & practices.

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