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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

The Obama Abomination

Finding several referrals from Duaat, I visited to see what generated the traffic. As I expected, I found the answer in the Possibly Related Posts feature: three of my posts were listed there.

Duatt had posted  How Islam will dominate the world, with content reflecting the literal meaning of the headline.  I found the comments to be more interesting than the familiar ayat & ahadith of conquest, supremacism & triumphalism.. Comment #45, from yasmin in the Philippines, was particularly interesting. [Bold face emphasis added, caps original.]

…Soon Barack Obama will be the historical president of United State. He pointed out in which scriptures that we believe in. and he said “which passages or scriptures will guide public policy. should we guide with leviticus which which suggest that slavery is ok and eating shell fish is an abomination? Or we can go with deutoronomy which suggests stoning of child if it strays from your faith” and surely he will implement Shariah and the AMericans will live in the way of Islam. which is the BEST WAY OF LIFE!

Yasmin closes with:



Let the voters take due notice thereof and govern themselves accordingly.


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