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Jihad: Conclusion

In Part 1, we compared ten translations of 2:216, which ordains fighting and makes it mandatory for Muslims. We consulted Ibn Kathir’s tafsir of that ayeh:  Jihad is made Obligatory, and learned that:

  1. Fighting is obligatory, not optional, Allah ordained it.
  2. Jihad is required from every person,
    1. to march forth
    2. to aid
    3. to support
  3. Fighting is difficult and an emotional burden; includes:
    1. being killed
    2. wounded
    3. striving against the enemy
    4. hardship of travel.
  4. Fighting is good for you; has benefits:
    1. followed by victory
    2. dominance over the enemy
    3. taking his:
      1. lands
      2. money
      3. wives & children.
  5. Refraining from fighting has negative consequences:
    1. dispossession
    2. dominance by the enemy.

In Part 2, we examined 8:39 and its tafsir, wherein we learned that Muslims are commanded to fight Pagans & disbelievers until there is no more resistance and only Allah is worshiped.

From 8:57 & 8:60, we got the first hints of the linkage between Jihad and terrorism. Defeated Kuffar are to be severely punished as a warning to others and maximum force is to be accrued to threaten them.

From 8:65, we learned of the urge to fight, and from 8:67 we learned of the mandate of genocide. and from Sahih Muslim19.4327, we learned that Moe obtained special dispensation to accrue spoils of war, relating to the title of the Surah.

In Part 3,  we explored 9:29, learning that Muslims are commanded to fight Jews & Christians until they are subjugated and pay extortion. We confirmed that by consulting Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir: The Order to fight People of the Scriptures until They give the Jizyah.

In 9:33 and its tafsir: Islam is the Religion That will dominate over all Other Religions, we learned that Islam must and will dominate all religions.

In 9:38…41 we learned the urgency & importance of marching forth in Jihad, how failure to do so will be punished.

In Part 4, we looked into Sharia, found in  The Reliance of the Traveller, discovering ample confirmation of the definition of Jihad, its declaration & execution of war against Pagans and Jews & Christians. We learned that Jihad must be performed annually and confirmed that fact from statements by Al-Ghazali & Al-Shafi’i.

In Part 5, we examined 9:111, learning the relationship between Allah and Muslims, which is master: slave. We discovered that Allah purchased the Muslims so that they fight in his cause, kill others and are killed.

From As-Saff 10-13, we learned what Muslims must do to be saved; to escape Hellfire and enter Paradise: they must participate in Jihad.

From Abu Dawud Book 14, Number 2526, we learned that: jihad will be performed continuously since the day Allah sent me as a prophet until the day the last member of my community will fight with the Dajjal (Antichrist). Meaning, from 610 to the end of the world.

From Abu Dawud Book 23, Number 3455, we learned what will happen to Muslims if they abandon Jihad for productive pursuits: “Allah will make disgrace prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your original religion. ”  Whereby we know that Jihad and Islam are synonymous.

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