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Contemptible Congress

A few minutes ago I returned from a two mile trip, one way by  bicycle, to the local Dollar General. My back pack contains:

  • 5# of all purpose flour @ $2.00, which was $1.25 a few months ago
  • 2# of pinto beans @ $1.50, which was $1.00 a few months ago.
  • 18oz. of peanut butter @ $1.65, which was $1.50 a few months ago.

Big deal, you say? Goddamn well it is! My income last year was $2,127. I can not afford this damned inflation.

The AssWholes in Congress caused this inflation by effectively outlawing the extensive domestic oil exploration production & refining necessary to counter the joint forces of OPEC and expanding development in Asia.

In ’95, Slick Willy vetoed a bill which would have allowed development of the ANWAR field. It would be producing now if Congress had over ridden the veto.  They did not vote to over ride because they want us to suffer. They want us to be in pain and angry,  hoping that our anger will be directed at the minority who voted for common sense.

I am pissed off! But my outrage is directed at the AssWholes who:

  • prevented domestic exploration, production & refining
  • mandated & subsidized grain ethanol production for use as motor fuel, policies that directly decrease the production of food stuff and increase its cost
  • join the chorus of the siren song of ‘global warming’ which is designed to facilitate seizure of money and power through oppressive taxes on energy.

The inflation about which I bitterly bitch does not result from the policies of corporations or their officers. It does not result from ‘price gouging’. It results from the deliberately detrimental policies of the Democrat Party and the AssKissing RINOS who enable them.

Senator John McCain, who recently flip flopped in favor of drilling, is one of them. If the Republican Party nominates that RINO AssWhole, they have no excuse!!! I urge Conservative Republicans to rise up in revolt disrespectfully demanding that McCain be dumped and replaced by a genuine Conservative able and willing to wage an effective campaign based on Conservative principles.

On November 4, one half of the House and one third of the Senate will be up for re-election.  Take that opportunity to remove from office those who voted for inflation and dependency on the only producing asset of our enemies.

Now is the time to go to and send an email to your Congressman & Senators disrespectfully demanding removal of the unreasonable barriers to domestic petroleum production & refining and nuclear power generation. Tell them you’ll remember in November, then do it.  If not us, who; if not now, when?

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