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Free Afghan Journalist Perwez Kambakhsh

If you are genuinely interested in human rights, you will sign this petition and email it to your contacts, urging them to sign it and pass it on to their downstreams.

This case is a prime example of the arrogance of Islam and proof positive of the fact that allowing the establishment of Afghanistan’s constitution on the basis of Sharia was an act of imbecility.

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To: The Government of Afghanistan Perwez Kambakhsh, a 23 year old student of Balkh University’s journalism faculty was sentenced to death by a court because ‘he had copied an article from a website containing un-Islamic material’.It is clearly inhumane and unjust to kill someone for copying an article, read and distribute it because the constitution of Afghanistan has given the right of freedom of expression to every one.

This Taliban-style sentence is not acceptable to anyone and this decision is condemned by all human rights organizations, civil societies, journalists’ unions and individuals in Afghanistan and the entire world.

This sentence will only strengthen the war-lords, the terrorists and the narrow-minded mullahs who want their own dominance by imposing their self-made brutal laws and by keeping the society in ignorance.

We demand the government of Afghanistan to release Syed Perwez Kambakhsh and prove that the government respects human rights and freedom of expression.

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