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Islam: Religion of peace. Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 348:

Narrated Masruq:

I came upon ‘Abdullah and he said, “When Allah’s Apostle invited Quraish (to Islam), they disbelieved him and stood against him. So he (the Prophet) said, “O Allah! Help me against them by afflicting them with seven years of famine similar to the seven years of Joseph.’ So they were stricken with a year of drought that destroyed everything, and they started eating dead animals, and if one of them got up he would see something like smoke between him and the sky from the severe fatigue and hunger.” Abdullah then recited:–

‘Then watch you for the Day that the sky will bring forth a kind of smoke plainly visible, covering the people. This is a painful torment… (till he reached) …….. We shall indeed remove the punishment for a while, but truly you will revert (to heathenism): (44.10-15) ‘Abdullah added: “Will the punishment be removed from them on the Day of Resurrection?” He added,” The severe grasp” was the Day of the Battle of Badr.”


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