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Crusader’s Armory has posted the  html source code for:

  1. Know Thine Enemy (14 part series 59KB)
  2. Myth vs Fact (ongoing series of daily articles 26KB )

Know Thine Enemy uses quotes from the Qur’an & Hadith to fully expose the mission, important doctrines & behavior pattern of Islam. Each quote is hyper linked to its source for easy verification.

Know Thine Enemy also provides useful links to several Qur’an translations, Hadith collections, search engines and Tafsirs.

The Myth vs Fact series is ideal for readerships with short attention spans. Most installments feature a single ayat, linked to source & relevant Tafsir topics from Ibn Kathir.

The superficial reader gets a quick information fix. The curious reader who craves more depth is one click away from finding it.

These articles were first published at and continue to run at .

If you wish to run either or both series of articles on your blog, click the link to my web site and download the zip files.

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