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Open Letter

Write Your CONgress Critters!!

From Spree and Miss Beth

Open Letter to Congress and the Senate

It is that time again where our public officials, the retreat in defeat crowd will once again make a big show voting on bills with timelines that they already know will be vetoed and that they do not have the votes to over ride.

This post is following up on Miss Beth’s previous post found here.

Beth has asked me to publish my letter that has been sent and will continue to be sent to members of both the Senate and to Congress, on a daily basis, until they understand that defeat is not an option and trying to snatch defeat from the amazing progress we have been seeing just as General Petraeus has gotten the troops he requested for the new strategy, will cost them their political positions in the next election.

The Letter:

The Senate should not vote to start withdrawing troops from Iraq within 120 days.

General Petraeus has started implementing the new strategies and is seeing tremendous success and anyone, ANYONE that tries to undermine that success will be held publicly responsible by EVERY conservative blog for every man, woman and child that dies as a result of a premature withdrawal, OR the tying of our troops hands to ensure defeat.

al-Qaeda has just recently been outed by Michael Yon as having fed people their own children for lunch, with those poor childrens mouths stuffed like pigs at a feast, and this is who the Democrats and some wobbly Republicans wish to abandon the innocent men, women and children of Iraqi to?

We will see to it that those images are blasted across the world and along with those images, the politicians names, each and every one of them will be shown side by side with the horrible pictures of the atrocities said politicians helped al-qaeda accomplish.


Anyone that votes with Baghdad Reid and his ilk against our continued efforts in Iraq will be forever associated with the chaos and consequences of what follows, just as Democrats have been associated, since we withdrew from Vietnam, with the Cambodia killing fields.

Make no mistake, voting for a timeline, is encouraging our enemies to believe we are weak and cannot stomach a fight when it gets tough and it also serves to demoralize our troops.

My blog as well as other blogs have those words published from OUR TROOPS themselves in letters and emails we received asking us to “keep congress off their backs”, so that they can get the job done, which THEY say is possible.

We Win, They Lose.

This is the only outcome acceptable.

Sending emails, calling, faxing can all be tiring, but it is what needs to be done to be heard over the screeching from the left.

Feel free to use this letter or write your own, but we must rise up, stand tall, be firm and make our voices heard.

The silent majority will be silent no more.

Lets roll folks.

(Note: At the top of this page is a link to join a google group, Beth has made available, every email for every staffer of the 24 targeted Republicans that needs to hear your voice, I would suggest joining the group, because these emails are divided up so you can simply copy them, paste them into the “send to” line and send them out, 50 at a time, enmasse.)

I have made the full list available on its own page here to make it easier for you.

[Update] Gallup has the President’s approval rating down to 29%, second term, country at war, I perfectly understand this number, what I do NOT understand is how a NEW Democratically controlled Congress, in a poll by the same organization, Gallup, has an approval rating of under HALF the PresidentsCongress approval rating is down to 14%, the lowest in the history of Gallup for congress.

So the president, in a time of war, on his second term is TWICE as popular as Congress….in the recent examples from the far left liberals, isn’t that some kind of “mandate”, telling Congress they are heading in the wrong direction and perhaps they should be trying to help America win instead of trying to force us into defeat?


July 15, 2007 - Posted by | Congress, contact, Petraeus

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