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Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears some public servants don’t understand the concept of working for the American People. I sent out the letter Congress to about half of the list yesterday. Below is a response I received from Teresa McCollum, John Duncan Jr.’s staff assistant. I suggest the bloggers blog it and we show Duncan’s staff for what they are–purposely obtuse and out and out ignoring–INDEED BLOCKING–the American constituency. BTW, he’s from Tennessee.

Here’s the response:



Whoever you are, this email does not pertain to me and you have been reported and also blocked and sent to junk mail.


Teresa E. McCollum



Staff Assistant


Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.


800 Market Street, Suite 110


Knoxville , Tennessee 37902


865-523-3772 phone


865-544-0728 fax






My letter to Duncan read like this:

I have emailed the following to my google group, Patriots for Conservative Values.

Perhaps you need to educate your staff when they receive email concerning issues of the day, such as the Surrender Date Certain timeline discussion regarding Iraq, this is not the way to respond to the American taxpayer and constituent paying your–and your staff member’s–salary. Never forget YOU serve at the pleasure of the people.

This is what I’ve mailed to my group:


and closed like this:

Mr. Duncan, I suggest you educate your staff. This will be blogged everywhere.


[Miss Beth], PLS, PNPA

blogging at Miss Beth’s Victory Dance

Let’s get the word out!

July 15, 2007 - Posted by | Democrats, GWOT, Leftinistra, Treason

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