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Tancredo’s Alternative

I received this email from his campaign today. I hope that those who opposed Kennedy-McCain will throw equal support to Congressman Tancredo’s alternative legislation.

Just a little while ago, I held a press conference at the U.S. Capitol announcing my “Overdue Immigration Reform Act of 2007.”

A couple of weeks ago, you and I and literally millions of American patriots killed the Kennedy-McCain-Bush amnesty bill. Something Kennedy, McCain, Bush & Company kept saying was “if you have a better idea, put it forward.”

That’s exactly what I did this morning!

My multi-point bill addresses visa entry rules, the curse of “birthright citizenship,” sanctions against employers who hire illegal aliens, and a whole range of border security issues. I encourage you to go to our campaign website,, to review my entire legislative package.

My friend, we have the momentum with us in the battle over illegal immigration!

We have killed amnesty, at least for this year. Now, we need to keep the pressure on and move Congress and the nation fully behind serious immigration reform that enforces our existing immigration laws, secures our borders and does not grant amnesty to illegal aliens!

July 11, 2007 - Posted by | Illegal Immigration

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