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Poor Gore

More On The MYTH of Global Warming…

…and the idiot proponents of same.

Just a small piece of the interviews here:

Gigot: All right, Rob.

Finally, why this weekend’s Live Earth concerts may hurt the planet more than help. Kim?

Strassel: So while most of us are doing really unconscionable things this weekend, like driving our SUVs, Al Gore is hosting seven concerts, rock concerts, across the globe to raise awareness of global warming. You would think something as sanctimonious as this would get him credit, but in fact he is getting slammed by environmentalists. Why? Turns out that hosting big rock concerts wastes lots of energy: the stage lights, the speakers, the private jets to ferry all the performers to their performances.

The Live Earth people are, of course, defending themselves, saying this is going to be as green as an event can possibly get. But I think I’m with the critics. If you’re going to talk the talk, you should walk the walk, and in this case, Al Gore might just have wanted to have sent an email.

Yes, indeed. I wonder how many pounds of jet fuel was burned, how many gallons of gasoline was burned, how many liters of diesel fuel was burned and how many mega-watts of electricity were expended to make the Green Concerts for Stupid People happen?

July 9, 2007 - Posted by | Global Warming Myth, Gore

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