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This latest in the “Who Leaked Who To What and Why” crap is nothing more (or less) than a typical spoiled brat hoax and distraction technique led by the Hate Bush and Hate America crowd. It really is embarrassing. Politicians and their minions…BAH!!

From Fox News

Former CIA Operative Valerie Plame Wilson ‘Felt Hit in the Gut’ When Identity Was Revealed

WASHINGTON — Valerie Plame Wilson told lawmakers,

“I felt like I had been hit in the gut,” when her husband handed her the newspaper article revealing her identity as a CIA operative in 2003.

“I immediately thought of my family’s safety, the agents, the networks that I had worked with. And everything goes through your mind in an instant,” Wilson testified Friday.

Once her name and identity “were carelessly and recklessly abused” by senior Bush administration officials, Wilson could no longer continue her job.

The DITZ was NOT an operative at the time…what a crock of DNC this is!!

July 2, 2007 - Posted by | Justice

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