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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Vigilance Within Our Nation

Through an aggressive campaign of literature distribution, volunteers walking door to door, the running of radio and television advertisements, the United American Committee will spread its message of awareness. As a volunteer within the United American Committee once said; “May our enemies never make a move, without America being aware of it.”, it is the goal of the U.A.C. to promote the close monitoring of Islamic extremist activities within the U.S. borders, as well as promoting the facts of other issues which will effect us all, either not covered by, or not covered largely by traditional media. Thomas Jefferson himself said; “May the eye of vigilance never be closed.”. We within the U.A.C. feel that far too many threats within American borders go unnoticed, and unmonitored. We will bring awareness of these threats to the American people so that we may confront them as a nation. To secure our future of freedom, safety, and good traditional American values, our very way of life. That is the primary focus of the United American Committee.
JOIN US! And do your part to assure that America stays aware.

June 23, 2007 - Posted by | Patriotism, Third Party

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