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Follow Up On Harry-Kiri Reid

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June 22, 2007 — THE ISSUE: Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s attack on Gens. Pace and Petraeus.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s remarks are not just ill-timed, they’re unconscionable (“Harry-Kiri Reid,” Editorial, June 17).

It’s only in the last few days that the final brigade combat team responsible for implementing the “surge” of U.S. forces in Iraq has been deployed.

As such, Reid’s comments would be akin to Gen. Eisenhower having been disparaged by foes of FDR while our forces were still on the beaches during D-Day.

No political leader during World War II would have dared to utter such remarks, to the delight of our enemies, at so perilous a time.

That Reid could make such comments without complete condemnation by members of the Democratic Party, especially its presidential candidates, is staggering. Their so-called support of the troops rings hollow.


Jim Kelsch
West Chester, Pa.

I hope Reid and Nancy Pelosi are watching the civil war in Gaza very carefully. This is what happens when you unilaterally withdraw, re-deploy, disengage or whatever the word of the week is, before winning the war and peace and having a stable, strong government and well-trained security forces loyal to the government in place.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah forces were all too weak, dysfunctional or corrupt to stand up against Hamas.

Now Israel will have to go back into Gaza and pay in blood and lives for the same real estate again.

When the left wing and the peace movement get their way in war, the body count goes up.

Michael Moss


Once again, The Post has it backward.

Supporting the troops means not sending them into a preemptive and unnecessary war without the proper body and vehicle armor they need, not slashing their benefits behind their backs and ensuring they have medical care when they come home.

Supporting the troops means not extending their deployments or cutting short their leaves, not using a back-door draft to keep more bodies on the front line and not sacrificing their lives, limbs and minds.

Reid is right. He’s not playing games with words as The Post and the GOP do regularly. He’s being truthful and honest – something President Bush & Co. have no use for.

Kate Schweizer


Reid’s disparaging remarks do not damage those intrepid defenders of America who have spent their lives in the service of this country, nor do they injure our troops in the field.

The generals and soldiers they lead are more far-sighted than the hapless Democratic leader who has his eyes only on the 2008 presidential campaign.

Our battle against Islamist terrorists will continue even if we have Reid and other near-sighted politicians biting at our ankles.

Their concentration on the short-term political benefits of bashing Bush and American commanders over the Iraq effort is seen clearly as a transparent attempt to politicize a deadly serious commitment.

Paul Bloustein

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