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Big Bad (chuckle-chuckle snort-snort) Joe Klein: Michael Yon he ain’t…

I helicoptered today into Baquba, the centerpiece of the current U.S. offensive in Iraq, with Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno -and then drove via Stryker brigade into the center of the fight for a briefing. It was midday, and the sun was so hot that both sides in the battle seemed to be taking a siesta. Only a few small explosions could be heard in the distance; there was no small arms fire. Odierno-a supertanker of a man with a shaved head who looks like ancient turtle-met with a group of battalion commanders in the ruins of a medical center that had been blasted, by someone, several years earlier. Situation maps were leaned against a white ceramic tile wall; the officers sat in campaign chairs, hunched in a tight semi-circle; bottles of cold water were passed around.

Read the article and then read Yon’s.  Which one has “the pulse”?

June 21, 2007 - Posted by | Arrowhead Ripper, Lame Stream Media

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