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Jimah Cahtah…Friend of Hamas (Iran)

I’ve got your number, loser.

The singularly worse president in the United States’ history is whining because the US is standing against Hamas and standing with Fatah.

Jimmy Carter is an idiot in that regard and so is the US in the other regard.

Terrorists are terrorists are terrorists. I don’t care which color you paint the turd. It is still a turd; just a prettier turd. A turd is a turd is a turd. Terrorists and turds go hand in hand.

Give Peace A Chance:

June 20, 2007 — DUBLIN, Ireland – Former President Jimmy Carter said yesterday Washington’s support for the Fatah group and the blocking of aid to Gaza were part of a mistaken policy aimed at dividing Palestinians.

Carter, on a visit to Dublin, said the United States and Israel had done “everything they could to prevent accommodation between Hamas and Fatah.”

“This effort to divide Palestine into two peoples . . . is a step in the wrong direction.”

Hell! I remember when Jimmy Doll shiite on the people of Iran and was all pleased with himself when he orchestrated the take over of Iran by “those nice religious people”. What a moron. Stay in Dublin and shove the Blarney Stone up your hinder hole, Jimmy.


Iran and Gaza:

June 20, 2007 — WHO sets Hamas strategy? As the radical Palestinian movement braces itself for what could be a long struggle against its rival Fatah, if not a full-blown civil war, the question merits more than mere academic interest.

Just days after Hamas staged its coup to achieve exclusive control of Gaza, it’s now clear that the military operation launched against the positions of the Palestinian security forces in the strip was never discussed in the Islamist organization’s Consultative Assembly (shura).

Thanks for nothin’, Jimmy.

Former President Jimmy Carter addresses an audience at Brandeis University.
Photo: AP [file]

UPDATE!!  Pretty good article here…I decided to place it here instead of a new thread.

Has Jimmy Carter gone off the deep end? He’s now scolding the West for refusing to bankroll Hamas terrorists who’ve just seized power at gunpoint in Gaza. It’s a new low in coddling terrorism.

As the Gaza Strip flamed into Hamas gang warfare and the West Bank slid into another civil war, Carter — cozy in distant Ireland accepting another “human rights” award — found cause Tuesday to blame America first for all the violence.

Amid wine, cheese and good feeling, America’s worst ex-president drew a bead on the West. The refusal by the U.S., Israel and the EU to support Hamas, an armed terror group that just launched a coup d’etat and civil war in full view of the world, was nothing but a “criminal” act at the root of the trouble there, Carter asserted.

“The United States and Israel decided to punish all the people in Palestine and did everything they could to deter a compromise between Hamas and Fatah,” he said.

The statement was so malevolent and illogical as to border on insane. Carter wasn’t honest enough to say he was rooting for terrorists who started a terrifying new war in the region and trashed what little democratic rule the Palestinians had. Instead, he tut-tutted the West for being insufficiently sensitive to the fact that Hamas thugs were democratically elected in 2006 in an “orderly and fair” vote.

When one party has started a civil war, democracy isn’t exactly the issue anymore. Just being elected does not justify making warfare on your fellow citizens. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice repeatedly points out that those who are elected democratically have an obligation to govern democratically or they aren’t democrats. Hamas has blown its right to democracy.

Carter also misstated and distorted technical aspects of democratic rule in the Palestinian Authority itself, further calling into question his intentions. Hamas’ 42% plurality in the last parliamentary election gave the terror group a right to participate in government, but not absolute power.

Carter neglected to notice that President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestine’s head of state, not only had a full democratic right to appoint Hamas members to his Cabinet, but he also had the right to dismiss them as he did Thursday. Carter’s selective respect for the power-sharing aspect of Palestine’s democracy stands out as significantly skewed toward Hamas.

Crazier still, Carter insisted Hamas was entitled to American aid because Fatah had been getting it. But he left out some details: Hamas is a terrorist organization that had broken six previous cease-fires, and its campaign platform vowed to destroy Israel. Hamas would gladly take Western cash to make good on that campaign promise to voters.

No one in the West is obligated to support an international terrorist organization just because it “won” an election. The proper response is to cut it off until it renounces violence.

For refusing to fund Hamas but propping up the slightly less unworthy Fatah, Carter charged the U.S. with trying to “divide the Palestinians into two peoples.”

With such words, Carter can hardly be called a peacemaker. In fact, he should have been profoundly ashamed at his acceptance of his Nobel Prize. Ironically, his partner in peace, Yasser Arafat, got his stolen and desecrated by the very Hamas Carter defends. That ought to give him pause as he defends terrorists as democrats.

Carter is a moron.




June 20, 2007 - Posted by | Carter


  1. Go back to peanut farming Jimmy.

    Comment by cassygop | June 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. Don’t go so damn easy on the ratfink. Tell the world what ya really think of it!!

    Comment by dajjal | June 20, 2007 | Reply

  3. The eye’s have it. Look deep into those eye’s…what do you see?
    Insanity…dementia…loser mentality…..Lord of the Moonbats syndrome….scum-sucking-pig
    This is your typical left wing bastard arrogantly projecting they have all the answers when in reality their answers should never be heard. Uhhhh….what was the question….? DUH.
    They are not fit for human consumption..certainly not fit to deal with a world of despots and murderers.

    Go back to the building homes or peanut farming jimah and STFU.

    Comment by dsolo | June 20, 2007 | Reply

  4. That is why I put that picture up there. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

    Comment by snooper | June 20, 2007 | Reply

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