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Michael Yon…Death Or Glory Part 4

As Michael has said to us in previous emails, he has completed his “tour” with the British contingent and as I write this and others read it, he is in The Mix.

Death Or Glory: Part IV of IV

Approaching a Bedouin: a young British Officer wears no Helmet and carryies no rifle. This war cannot be won by mere force. We did not come here to fight every Iraqi—or Bedouin—or whatever they might be. This Bedouin is no threat to our national security, or interests. He can, however, influence both, in his small way.

Few things are as reliably deceptive as appearance. If one of our jet pilots must eject, he might land out here among someone’s camels. I recall an officer talking about one of our helicopters crashing in Mosul, where local Iraqis were the first to the scene, and tried to help our people. Of course, sometimes the opposite occurs. The point is these people who live different lives and have different religions are not all out here plotting ways to kill us.

June 19, 2007 - Posted by | Yon

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