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When Morons At The NY Slimes Talk Out Of Their Ass

This is trash the NY Slimes day today. It is my Father’s Day gift to me. My Screamin’ Eagle called and wished me a fine day. The other boys did their deal. My wife and youngest made me my favorite Pecan Pound Cake. Now, after the festivities are mostly over, I am trashing the NY Slimes. You know. That fine establishment that thinks divulging military secrets is good for America. That same organization that likes to embolden our enemies has one of their mentally challenged morons write an editorial piece about how we conservatives are racists about not wanting ILLEGAL immigrants getting blanket amnesty via a bill that means nothing and the “laws” therein are unenforceable.

This same organization supports Harry-Kiri-Reid. After all the Democratic and NY Slimes plan for victory in Iraq is all so complex. The equally complex as well as retarded “immigration bill” is second to none in regards to nonsense and self-defeating rhetoric. That seems to be appropriate for the NY Slimes and their string pullers of the DNC. Not listening to the majority of Americans has turned out to be a problem for some members of CONgress and the NY Slimes has followed suit in whining about those right-wing whackos.

From the ass-idiot Lawrence Downes:


People who want to reform immigration by putting America in lockdown have not been shy about using fear and revulsion to get their point across. Illegal immigrants, they say, are invading the country to reconquer it, to erode our Anglo-Saxon culture and to make us all sick.

In this article, IT rambles on about leprosy and the woes of the ILLEGAL aliens. 99% of the article relates to leprosy and completely glosses over the Invasionistas and our concerns about our American culture. Downes is an ass-idiot.


Here’s Representative Tom Tancredo, complaining in the Republican presidential debate about pressing 1 for English.

Moron. Here’s Lawrence Downes being the typical NY Slimes sock puppet.

Perhaps ass-idiot Downes can learn something from JB Williams, and Lew Waters. We can only conclude that the corrupted “immigration poll” of the NY Slimes is gospel to a Leftinistra moron like Downes.

And the we have this piece from the NY Slimes written by some whiny-ass sad sack, bleeding heart liberal moron dweeb feeling sorry for immigrant fathers separated from their families because they BROKE THE DAMN LAW. I am way passed sick and tired of this crap!

John Wayne says it best.

On Immigration....
The Duke Says it Best!


June 17, 2007 - Posted by | Editorials, Illegal Immigration, Lame Stream Media, Morons

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