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More Brain Dead NY Slimes Jibber-Jabber

Check this out and notice they “forgot” about this. (You will need to log in to the NYSlimes.)

The template for the Bush administration’s mania for secrecy was signed by the president six years ago – Executive Order 13233, reversing the presumption of right of public access to presidential papers. This basic right of taxpayers and historians alike was embedded in the 1978 laws enacted after the Nixon administration. The reforms established a reasonable 12-year waiting period for access. But Mr. Bush’s reversal lets presidents or vice presidents (guess who?) keep their records sealed in perpetuity unless they or their heirs approve access.

I guess a war-time environment has escaped the normalcy of the Leftinistra. These IDIOT reporters crack me up.

But it was OK for the Clintonistas to Executive Order American Socialism in with the hopes that one day Czarina will regain the helm under an elected reign and fully enact them.

Check out Executive Orders 12938 and 12919. These EOs were not made during a time of war. One should wonder just why they were made by the Chief Clintonista with the Vice-Clintonista’s blessings.

June 17, 2007 - Posted by | Clintons, Lame Stream Media, Liars

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