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VICTORY Is Not Defeat


Reference this link and these posts in particular herehere and here.  After reading those, read this article from the NY Post.Democrats claim to “support the troops,” but they never seem to tire of bashing them and their leaders in the field.

Take Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Last week, he attacked outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace as “incompetent” and had similar disparaging remarks about Gen. David Petraeus, commander of Coalition forces in Iraq.

What gall.

In nearly six months’ time, Reid and his House partner-in-crime, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have managed to plunge Congress’ approval ratings below even the near-historic low levels that President Bush is registering.

Yes, Reid is a duly elected leader of Congress. Yes, he has every right to weigh in on the effectiveness of America’s military leaders.

But in doing so, he is also undermining officers in the field – and, by extension, the troops that serve them.

In the process he does his country a disservice.

That’s especially true in his criticism of Petraeus.

On Thursday, Reid backpedaled a bit, but continued to slam Petraeus for not being “candid” about Iraq. Seems anyone who refuses to join Reid in proclaiming America’s defeat there lacks “candor.”

In fact, Petraeus has said consistently – including at hearings that were the basis of Reid’s own vote to confirm him – that a full assessment of the “surge” and progress in Iraq won’t be possible until at least the fall.

If Reid is intent on doing to the Democratic Party what he’s already done to Congress – i.e., drive down its popularity – he’s more than welcome.

But to the extent that his comments embolden the enemy to kill American troops, they surely are not helpful.

Words have consequences.

Abroad, as well as at home.

Consequences.  A term “alien” to the Leftinistra and has been for years.  The Leftinistra NEVER take responsibility for their own actions.  It is always someone else’s fault or they were misunderstood or they didn’t say “it” quite right or it is a vast right-wing conspiracy or Europe hates us and so do we…yadayadayadayada, so on and so forth, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  The Leftinistra should adopt Flip Wilson’s character Geraldine, “The devil made me do it.”

I wonder who they are blaming now that Congress’s approval ratings are well below that of the Hated GWB and they are the lowest in the history of the United States.

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