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Pelosi Believes In Murder

This yet another card of a character that has not graduated from the school of the sane.

From One News Now:

Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback is denouncing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for implying that God supports embryo-destructive research.

House Democrats recently celebrated passage of a bill that would expand federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR). On the House floor, Speaker Pelosi (D-California) described research on embryonic stem cells as “a gift from God” and “biblical in its power to cure.”


“You destroy life to get these embryonic stem cells,” the presidential hopeful notes. “It’s like she avoids that portion of the discussion; and on top of that, we’ve just had even another breakthrough where they’ve been able to reprogram skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells …. we don’t have to destroy human life.”

Exactly so, Sir!

Pelosi has called on President Bush to reconsider his plan to veto the measure, saying that “with his cruel veto pen” last year, the president “dashed the hopes of many for the healing potential of stem-cell research.”

Pelosi is a moron. Pelosi is a murderer. Perhaps she should be euthanized?

From a commenter at the site:

Nancy Pelosi continually demonstrates that she has a huge mouth and an infinitesimal brain. She is constantly backing out-of-date ideas and erroneous concepts that tear at the very fabric of American life. Sam Brownback readily recognized, as did many of us, the false concepts that Pelosi espoused. Stem-cell research has accomplished much – but not thru the use of embryos! So why is she pushing ESCR? To waste more taxpayer money on the wealthy big PHARMA!

What gives Speaker Pelosi the right to use our tax money to visit other nations and governments? That’s what we have a State Dept. for! “Speaker of the House” does not mean “I speak for the nation” but Pelosi thinks she has free rein.

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