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On Fred Thompson

No. He isn’t Ronald Reagan. He is Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson is, however, Reaganesque. Fred is much more like Reagan than say, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain.

The Leftinistra, living in great and tremendous fear of another Reagan-like presidential contender, with yet another landslide such as Reagan’s 1984 mandate victory looming over their heads, have begun their “he’s no Reagan after all” rhetoric. Imagine that. This is what transpires when one lives, breathes and dies by the pollsters. Fred ranks #2 and it really isn’t an official-official “I’m in” card…is it? Just think where his standings will sky-rocket to when the officialness of his “I’m in” card is actually played.

The Leftinistra aren’t the only ones playing up the “he’s no Reagan” rhetoric either. That is only natural. When one is in fear of being sorely crushed by popular demand, people lash out. Lash away, I say. It will be inconsequential.

Equally as inconsequential is George F Will, writing a piece entitled “Of Tulips And Fred Thompson”, where he compares the appearance of Fred Thompson to a basset hound after having read a sad story, and said sad basset hound might not ought to be entrusted to and with the nation’s nuclear arsenal. Has George looked in the mirror lately? I swear he has a close resemblance to the cartoon character Poindexter. Remember Poindexter? Then again, George is one of those Leftinistra living in fear of another spanking as Mondale received as well as Carter. Get used to it George. A “real” conservative is coming to town and your side hasn’t a prayer.

Does George have some kind of mental deficiency that thinking either of the three DNC contenders…the leading ones…or any of the hopefuls…could be entrusted with the nation’s nuclear arsenal? I am quite sure there are doctors available that would be more than eager to help him out with that supposition.

Robert Novak was displeased with a speech given by Fred Thompson at the Lincoln Club. Fred didn’t have the oomph he wanted him to have. Oh well. Get over it. I have more respect for a man that acts like himself instead of acting like he thinks someone else thinks he should act…or orate. Fred seems to be a little Rooseveltesque…walk softly but carry a Big Stick.

Theoretically, Kudlow “hammered” Fred over the tort reforms issues. I didn’t see it that way one bit. What I saw was an ignoramus, Kudlow, doing the typical Leftinistra over-speak and interrupt distraction technique and Fred was trying to be the cordial and polite “let the other guy speak” MO. Watch the show here:



I guess Kudlow and other critics of Thompson missed this side of Fred Thompson:



As for experience and the ability to engage and debate, Fred certainly can outdo and outrun any of the three top dogs the DNC camp has to offer. Barak would melt; Edwards would be looking for a beauty shop; Hillary would get all emotional and shrill herself into a stroke just from the glare of Fred Thompson. Neither of the three DNC front-runners have the experience in politics or life lived than Fred does.

Some trolls on my other blog ask silly questions as to what accomplishments Fred has under his belt. We counter with the “what accomplishments has either of the three DNC leaders have? A newbie Barak, a has-been Edwards and a crook Hillary…OH MY! Silence.

I’m telling you all…the Leftinistra are deathly afraid of this man.

No one candidate is going to please everybody all at one time. There is give and take with every one. Keep that in mind when the squeaky ones come to caterwauling about their favorite sound byte.

When Fred is ready, he will come out swinging.

June 15, 2007 - Posted by | Elections 2008, Fred

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