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Why Do Rush And Sean Scare Them So?

Why Do Rush And Sean Scare Them So?


Radio station WIOD, AM 610, has been the official channel for emergency information from Broward County government for the past year. The County Commission, all Democrats, balked at renewing the deal Tuesday, unable to stomach the station also being home to [Rush] Limbaugh’s talk show.

And so we reach the inevitable end of the left’s campaign against the First Amendment. The Democrats in Broward County have officially declared themselves as the anti-free speech party. Commissioner Ritter is to be applauded for her candor, for declaring openly what elected Democrats across the country mutter quietly to themselves: “Rush, Sean and the rest must be silenced!”

I have heard of brass-knuckled politics before, but never anything on the order of denying your political opponents news of approaching hurricanes.

When Katrina struck, some wild-eyed lefties accused President Bush of denying relief efforts to New Orleans because the city was predominantly African-American.

Now we have actual proof of Democrats wanting to keep conservatives in the dark about approaching storms.

Go read the rest. Clearly the Leftinistra are delusional.

GREAT piece Hugh, as usual.

June 14, 2007 - Posted by | Constitution, Democrats, Leadership, Leftinistra, Morons, Political Correctness, Politics, Trolls


  1. This was a great political victory for the conservatives in Florida: They propose legislation that essentially would keep liberals unaware of storms (by the same logic presented in this blog) and when Democrats call shenanigans the Republican fire back that Democrats are putting people’s lives at risk for politics. No Democrat and no thinking Republican honestly thinks that either Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh are genuine in their constant denouncements of the left. They use slimy underhanded logical fallacies in order to paint leftists as enemies of the state, enemies of free speech, enemies of capitalism or whatever. That’s fine, they have the right to do that; people have the right to listen to it. But propaganda is propaganda. Democrats have the duty to make sure that PSAs are either shared equally between con and lib propaganda channels or to move it to a third channel designated for emergencies only. In all this brouhaha no conservative is telling us _why_ the emergency broadcast _has_ to be on 1610AM. If it was about signal strength it would put on FM. It it’s about distance under storm conditions it could be on a politically neutral station. It could also be on an FM and an AM station. Sorry. Not buying it. I applaud the Democrats for removing politics from emergency broadcasting and send a round of jeers to FLA GOPs for trying to underhandedly insert Sean and Rush into people’s desperate desire for hurricane info.

    Comment by JimPanzee | June 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. “…They use slimy underhanded logical fallacies in order to paint leftists as enemies of the state, enemies of free speech, enemies of capitalism or whatever…”

    It may be slimy but it is a fact. They are Leftinistra; socialists; communists in socialist garb.

    Ted Kennedy was helping the USSR defeat the policies of President Reagan. Hillary wants to take our money and give it away. The old take from the haves and give it to the lazy-ass have-nots.

    Sorry. Not buying your Leftinistra crap. Keep drinking that yellow kool-aid.

    Comment by snooper | June 14, 2007 | Reply

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