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On Trolls

“Raoul is a class act isn’t he? New name for that sicko creepazoid “Shitehawk Raoul”. Head full of mush, mouth full of toxic waste. This guy is cruising for a bruising and needs my cherry wood cane up side his head….er…well maybe not my cane. It was expensive!Would by any chance, this guy that’s shoveling the brown stuff , would his name be Raol?

How about a Louisville Slugger instead?Sorry you had to read this gutter trash Miss Beth. It was uncalled for and out of line. And this from a person…and I use that term lightly… who proclaims to all the world that he, Shitehawk Raoul talks to Jesus and all the rest of us are hypocrites. What a complete and utter moron this jerk is.”

This is obviously a Jihadi Troll Plant. “IT” fits the relative descriptors.

More updates will follow.

June 14, 2007 - Posted by | M.I.T., Morons, Trolls

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