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Marines Speak Out On the Haditha Marines Case


Marines Speak Out On the Haditha Marines Case

June 14th, 2007 ·

From Conservative Thoughts 

Former Marines are speaking out!

Captain Greenlaw a retired Marine officer has written a letter about the lack of support the Haditha Marines are getting from their superiors. These good men have had their careers ruined and personal finances (and their families) drained defending against criminal charges that should never have been filed.

This first letter is from Troy Watson who issues an invitation to those who read this to show your support for these marines by forwarding Captain Greenlaw’s letter along with your comments to Lt Colonel Riggs.

Dear Marines and family,
I have copied Capt. Greenlaw’s email to LtCol Riggs below – I am giving you an opportunity to show our solidarity & agreement with all the hard work and effort that Capt Greenlaw does.

Please copy and paste his message and add your comments – if only to say that you agree wholeheartedly with Capt Greenlaw – – then email it to LtCol Riggs at this e address:

Capt Greenlaw has been on the firing line for us and a helluva lot of other Marines for quite awhile and the ‘powers that be’ are probably thinking that he is the only one who is speaking for our Marines – I want them to know that we support Capt Greenlaw and agree with his comments and that he is not all by himself. Please take the time to send LtCol Riggs an email.

Semper Fi,


Troy Watson

Here is Captain Greenlaw’s letter; please read and see if you agree!


LtCol Riggs:

This is a msg I received from another Retired Marine Officer who is unhappy about the way the Corps is now looking after their young Marines.


I, for one, have a strapping young grandson, who lives here in Oceanside and, at this point in time, I would not recommend that he join the Corps. If this everlasting circus going on with K/3/1 & K/3/5 continues much longer, the Commandant is going to experience rough days ahead on recruiting and I don’t think these huge bonus’ he’s offering will entice these young, very intelligent, Marines to extend or reenlist, as we did years ago, when we were sure our leaders were watching our 6′oclock & not locking us up for doing the job we enlisted to do and that is to fight this country’s wars.

When I read some of these articles where the Prosecutor gets some witness on the stand and they discuss bullet holes in the heads of civilians, etc., that tells me that the Prosecutor or the witness has never been in a fire fight with lead flying all around you. You put a weapon on full automatic and start firing at enemy positions that you are receiving fire from and some innocents are bound to get killed. War is hell. Some body ought to educate this Mr. Parks, the DOD expert, who supposedly wrote the “rules of war”. Give this Mr. Parks an M-16 & Flak Jacket, send him in- country, put him on the line with the Sgt’s, Cpl’s, Pfc’s & 2ndLt’s and let’s see what he can do. I think he will come back and re-write the book. I’ve attended 3 or 4 of these hearings and the Bacos trial. Very rarely, if ever, do you see a Defense Counsel get up and object or do anything. It has all appearances of a well scripted Broadway Play.

It would now appear we have lost two good 2ndLt’s. First, it was Patano and if Phan is smart, he will resign his commission. His career has now been wrecked by thoughtless actions of those who should have stood by his side.

V/R & S/F,


Don Greenlaw Captain,
USMC(Ret’d) Marine Mustang

Here are Troy Watson’s comments he forwarded along with Captain Greenlaw’s letter;


Dear LtCol Riggs,

I am sending my 2bits along with the email you received from Capt Greenlaw. It is my fear that because Capt Greenlaw is fighting battles on behalf of Marines in trouble – that you will ignore his comments or that you may think that he is ‘all by himself’ – – I hope this email will clear up that notion if that has been your thoughts and hopes.

Don Greenlaw, on his own volition and because of the helluva Marine that he has always been -has become a spokesperson for 100’s of Marines who absolutely agree with him 100% as I do and we all are very appreciative of his efforts.

I have always been on the firing line touting our Marine Corps to young folks wherever I go and encouraging them to enlist in the finest. I have to admit that I have not been doing that for over a year now – quite frankly, have been very po’d off about the way the Haditha Marines have been treated and think its a damned shame – it seems like they are getting railroaded and have been since the very beginning. There are two young folks that I visit with at the local grocery store (Sprouts) and they see me with my MC shirts and covers and are continually asking me about whether or not they should join the Corps. I have not been very encouraging in light of the forementioned.

I served in Korea during 1952 with E 2 7, 1st Mar Div as a machine gunner receiving a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. I guarantee you we had great leadership back then – very firm but also always taking care of us.

Semper Fidelis,


Troy Watson

Here is an excerpt of a letter that expresses concerns for the Corps ability and desire to take care of their own (edited to remove personal names/details);

Subject: Re: Fw: “THE CORPS”


Thanks (name removed) , I needed that. I am so disappointed in the Marine Corps leadership these days that it nearly breaks my heart. The Commandant recently sent a letter asking all retired Marines to help with recruiting.


I’m sorry General Conway, I can’t in all good conscience suggest to a Mother that the Marine Corps will take good care of her son. […]

Semper Fi
Name Withheld

Another letter of support and this letter points out how these Marines have been judged GUILTY before they have had a trial of even a hearing.


Col Riggs:



I am writing this letter in support of all the things that, Capt. Greenlaw has stated in his letter, As you know, the Capt. was a former mustang and has been my friend and the spokesman for all of the old red hats that attend most functions at Camp Pendleton.


I am a former Marine Sgt.who saw action in Korea including stints on, Bunker Hill, Reno, Carson and Vegas. I am familiar with the , ROE’S and believe me when you are fighting any enemy, you must engage when fired upon. We did not have the same restrictions as todays troops have.

I am the Sr. Vice Commander with the XXXXX county XXXX Org. I am also a member of two Marine Clubs and the reunion coordinator for, XXXXX vets. In my daily communications with combat Marine veterans, I have yet to find one that is not appalled at the treatment of the Haditha Marines and spouses.


First,it appears that they were convicted before they got back from Iraq. Yes convicted by “Senator Murtha’, and the press. I still remember seeing, Lt Col Chessani holding his new baby when they returned. He wasn’t allowed to finish his leave before being releaved of duty for lack of confidence.

I have spoken to most of his troops before and after deployment and they would follow him to hell as I would. This is such a tragedy. When did the Corp. start eating it’s own? This is too political. I am afraid of what is happening to our Corp. I am sure that recruiting will be affected because of,”lack of confidence.”


The young men volunteering to extend their deployment is commendable,but I am afraid it is out of loyalty to their buddies and not to the Corp.

Sir, I apologize for rambling but my feelings are strong,as are those of my friends. We know and respect Gen. Mattis and his fine reputation as a excellent and fair leader. If possible, I would appreciate it if you would forward this letter to him on his return. I know the ultimate decisions on this whole trial event will end up in his hands.


It is my sincere feelings that he will make the correct judgement on these men. I know there must be alot of political pressure on this case,but as a group of combat vets we all believe this whole thing was a farce and unjust to all Marines.

Lets correct this in the name of justice.


God bless these men and our Corp.




Name Withheld,


former Sgt. USMC

The disservice and damage the MSM and Rep John Murtha have done to the Armed Forced and to the Haditha Marines in particular is shameful. Equally shameful is the Marine Corps reluctance to take care of there own. Please take a few moments to express your concern about the Haditha Marines case to Col Riggs at Then please pass along to others to do the same.


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  1. We will see if the media reports of the problems with LCpl Sharrett’s Article 32. Including the polygraph he passed and the AK-47 and Jordanian passports NCIS lost.


    Comment by yojoe | June 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. WHAT? Admit wrong-minded injustice? Miracles DO happen. Pray so.

    Comment by snooper | June 15, 2007 | Reply

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