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Myth vs Fact 12

I am re-starting the series with an added feature: links to Ibn Kathir’s tafsir. Ibn Kathir used ayat & ahadith to explain ayat. Tafsir links included here are in search result order, not in order of relevance.

As a general rule, ayat selected for this series will be clear enough to require no explanation. The highlighted phrases should clue you in. If you have any doubt, click the Tafsir links. You will find the Arabic and English text of various ayat and helpful ahadith citations. [Note: Ibn Kathir used ahadith which can not be found in the electronic texts. He had direct access to Arabic texts which are neither available nor meaningful to me. ] In some cases, the titles of the topics will be more illuminating than the text.

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. 8:39:Fight them until…only Allah is worshiped…
Tafsir 1 2 3 4

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