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reid And The Quagmire Betwixt His Ears

I don’t believe that reid has washed his ears or had them flushed since he was squittered from the womb. His cranial cavity has since filled with ear wax or whatever that gunk is that collects and gathers therein.

Poor man; and I use that term very loosely.  Seeing that his approval rating is at 19%,  one would think that he would keep his damn mouth shut.  He wants his cake AND eat it too and he cannot have things his way nor can he have things both ways.

reid has continually said that the war is lost when clearly it is not.  He has continually stated that America has destabilized the Middle East when clearly America has not.  Now,  after Joe Lieberman has called for the bombing of Iran, reid opens his big yap and confuses the issue(s).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejected on Monday another prominent senator’s call for a military strike against Iran, saying a U.S. attack would destabilize the Middle East.

So, America has stabilized the Middle East now?  And a military strike on Iran would destabilize the area?  What a twit!  Make up my mind.  We know you cannot make up yours.

Does Lebanon ring a bell, reid?  Does Hamas ring a bell, reid?  Does Hezbollah ring a bell, reid?  Does the bombing of Israel on a DAILY basis ring a bell, reid?

Hey reid.  Your approval rating is HALF of GWB’s.  If I were you, I’d keep my mouth shut.  You and Jimmy are good for each other.

June 12, 2007 - Posted by | Morons, Reid

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