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Democrats Are Ashamed of Their Debate Performances

Democrats Are Ashamed of Their Debate Performances

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 12:41 PM

Real Clear Politics

And ashamed they should be.  There were no emerging leaders of the free world at the debate…just whiners with no offerings of A Plan.

Democrats Shy Away from Debates on Web

Of all the Democratic candidates who appeared at Sunday’s debate, four didn’t feature clips from the debate on their YouTube channels, meaning either their web teams are slow or the campaigns didn’t find any flattering material for their candidates. Surely there is no lack of material from the debate on the web.


Bill Richardson‘s campaign has nothing concerning the debate at all, adding its most recent video last Friday.


Chris Dodd‘s campaign put up five videos yesterday, even a “live webchat” that Dodd had before the debate, but nothing from the event itself.


Dennis Kucinich‘s team put up a video yesterday but nothing from the debate.


Strangest of all is John Edwards‘ channel, which has only a video of him arriving at the debate. His official website also lacks debate clips. Why is the Edwards campaign not touting his well-received performance through its web campaign, which has been described as one of the best in either party?


Also odd is Barack Obama‘s page that only features one debate clip, fewer than Mike Gravels official page.


On the other hand, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden‘s campaigns have more than six videos from the debate, most of which were up early yesterday morning.

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