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An ACLJ Victory!!

An ACLJ Victory!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007 1:56 AM


Victory Victory at the House of Representatives Video I am pleased to report on a significant victory at the House of Representatives!

Please take just a moment to view a special video report I prepared for you just hours following this pivotal victory, which defeated Congressman Marty Meehan’s dangerous amendment to the lobbying reform legislation.

Congressman Meehan sought to impose a grassroots lobbying restriction as part of the lobbying reform bill.  This amendment was nothing short of an imposed gag-order on conservative, pro-family, pro-life organizations.

If it were to have passed, the language would have severely limited and restricted the First Amendment rights of grassroots organizations … such as the ACLJ … to mobilize on the key cultural issues of the day.

This is an important free speech victory for churches and non-profit organizations!  Your voice, raised in protest, along with more than 180,000 Americans, helped to squash this dangerous legislation before the Judiciary Committee.  The aggressive work of the ACLJ posed a formidable challenge to Congressman Meehan’s grassroots prohibition.

Please watch my video report right now and remember, your solid support makes these significant victories possible!

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