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Senate Rejects Iraq Funding Cut Off Bill

Senate Rejects Iraq Funding Cut Off Bill

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 3:35 PM

Defeatists lose again…  Hello?  The American people DON’T want what the defeatists want.  Hello?

he Senate, spending the spring mired in divisive debate on Iraq, sharply rejected legislation Wednesday to cut off money for combat operations after March 2008.

The vote was a loss for Sen. Russell Feingold and other liberal Democrats who support taking the drastic step to end the war. But the effort picked up new support from members previously reluctant to limit war funding, an indication of the conflict’s unpopularity among voters. [which voters might they be?]

The proposal lost 29-67 on a procedural vote, falling 31 votes short of the necessary votes to advance.

“It was considered absolute heresy four months ago,” Feingold, D-Wis., said of any legislative move to simply stop funding the war.  [And it is STILL considered as heresy, moron, coupled with treason, sedition and subversion.]

“Well, today a majority of the Democratic senators said it is time to end the mission as we have it, and to bring this mistake to an end,” he later added. “That is a huge change.”  [By whose standards you friggin’ quack?]

The vote came as Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid planned to begin negotiating a war spending bill with the House. Unable to pass the House version of the bill, which funds the war in two-month installments, Reid staged a series of test votes Wednesday to determine how far senators are willing to go on war legislation.  [Not very far reid you moron socialist Leftinistra baffoon!  Are you ready for the Surrender Monkeys?  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!]

“We have to make certain that (troops) do receive the funds that they need,” said Reid, D-Nev. “But we need to do it in the context of changing this policy. And I think our votes today are an indication that that sentiment is growing.”  [Dear Leftinistra jerk-wads and victims of premature eja…well…orga…well…you don’t think so well.  The polls y’all so LIVE and breath by say y’all suck WORSE than GWB.  WHAT MAJORITY is that, bonehead?]

Read the rest of the article…proof positive that the reids and company have left the planet and are living in some comatose state someplace.

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