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From blacktygrrrr

From blacktygrrrr

Sunday, May 13, 2007 7:02 PM


GREAT STUFF!! I have been reading posts from this location and it is great stuff. I have asked permission to “steal” a particular post and it was granted. I will highlight a few statements. Send this blogger well-wishes. I have sent an invitation to join us at TVC. Behold:

We found WMD in 2005. Report it again For God Sakes!

May 12th, 2007 at 2:34 am (POLITICS)

 In 2005, WMD were found. Yes, you read that correctly. It was quickly considered a nonstarter as a news story because then the “Bush lied” crowd would have been revealed for the horrendous human beings that they are. The amount found was very small in nature, but then again, there is never just one cockroach. While other republicans choose to apologize for honest mistakes, at which point liberals respond by calling us liars, I prefer the battering ram approach. I wrote the words below two years ago. My feelings are unchanged. Again, keep in mind. We did find WMD. In 2005.

Dear Liberals,

Now that WMD have been found, you have to begin the tortured process of explaining why this is not significant, and why even though you are repeatedly wrong about everything that matters in this world, people should still listen to you. Here are some messages that are as harsh as
they are accurate. We did not go to war because of WMD. We went to war because Saddam Hussein was a sh*thead who needed to be removed. As for why we do not remove every worldwide sh*thead…give us time…we should.

Liberal politicians used WMD as an excuse because they desperately needed to vote yes to go to war to avoid getting shellacked in the 2002 elections.Liberals wanted badly to be against the war but were afraid that after 9/11, that was an untenable political position. Therefore, you created a phantom issue because you did not have the guts to vote your convictions. You knew you were wrong, and you needed an out.

Saddam had WMD. We found them. There are plenty more. If you do not believe they are dangerous, allow yourself to be trapped in a room with them. If you are scared to do so…welcome to the real world.

Bush did not lie. Bush is not evil. Bush did not steal the election. You lost the 2000 AND 2004 elections because:

1) Elderly Gore voters could not read a ballot. Euthanasia would solve this problem. I have no sympathy for people who are too careless to spend time reviewing a decision as serious as a presidential vote.

2) Move and its 2 million “Deaniacs” do not represent the 268 million people who do not belong to your organization. Most people look at you and want you to put on a clean shirt, and stop hiring college students who resemble Charles Manson in terms of complexion and rage.

3) Liberals are unlikeable. McGovern, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry…Bill Clinton got elected by running as far away from you as possible. Americans are optimistic, can-do people. The sky is not falling. America is good.

Abu Gharaib was nothing…Guantanamo Bay is insignificant. Haditha is irrelevant. Daniel Pearl is the way of life of our enemies. Our aberrations are their way of life. The USA are the good guys . The terrorists are the bad guys. Use the passion you have towards President Bush and direct it at Osama, Zarqawi, Saddam, the Mullahs, etc…

You stand for nothing. You support the troops but despise the mission that they support.Have the guts to either say you do not support the troops…or better yet support them and admit the cause they have been fighting for has been right all along.

Lastly, your heroes are worthless:

Dan Rather-You did a lousy job. You went from first to last in the ratings, and you were fired based on performance…Period. I can type up a document right now claiming you smoke crack. You might say that is false, but based on your bizarre behavior,my document would be fake but accurate.

NY Times-Jason Blair…’nuff said.

George Soros-You are a convicted insider trader who made his money destroying the economies and currencies of 3rd world nations. You have profited not by merely feeding off of human misery, but by causing it.

Barbra Streisand…You are a nasty shrewish woman who is abusive to your personal assistants.

Ted Kennedy-Who was driving the car? You lied, a woman died.

Robert Byrd-Joining the KKK is not a mistake…it is a disgusting act of bad moral character.

Cindy Sheehan-Your family is disgusted with you. You claim to be speaking for your family, but they want you to shut up, come home, and quit neglecting your loved ones. Your anti-semitism is just icing on the cake.

College Professors who grew up in the 60s-Stop f*cking up our children.

Actions have consequences, and the AIDS and drug crises we face in the USA today are a direct result of your irresponsibility. You should not have the right to teach until you learn. Kids will continue to not know anything useful in life when they are being taught by people who don’t know anything.

John Murtha-I have the right to disagree with you without you claiming that your patriotism is being attacked. My right to dissent is as valid as yours. You are an American hero who is wrong on this issue. I honor your service then, and I fiercely disagree with your positions now. Your heroism does not stop you from being completely wrong.

Nancy Pelosi-San Francisco does not represent America. Even democrats don’t want to hold their convention in your city ever again.

Howard Dean-You could not even win the nomination in primaries dominated by people who agreed with you. When liberals are frightened of you, you are scary.

Liberal Voters-You are cowards. You desperately wanted to vote for Howard Dean,but knew he could not win. You supported an uninspiring candidate who believed nothing rather than support a candidate who actually represented your beliefs. You knew the American people as a whole continue to say you are wrong, so your options are losing
presidential elections or sacrificing your principles to win an election, knowing you will not be able to govern.

If liberals want to know why they are so detested socially and electorally, I can offer a cure…in 3 words…


Man that felt good to get off my chest. I would knock sense into them, but I wish not to scuff my fingernails.

Now if only conservatives would start fighting back. They could force liberals to sit there as we tell them “We found WMD. Now sit down and be quiet.” This happened in 2005.

Thank you and goodnight…from the right…from someone who IS right.


June 8, 2007 - Posted by | GWOT, WMDs

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  1. Yes. You ARE right.

    Comment by snooper | June 9, 2007 | Reply

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