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Running Out Of The Faithful

Running Out Of The Faithful

12 “brave” jihadists (LOL) are captured and some killed.  More proof that the enemy is running out of “the faithful”.

Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill Two, Capture 12 in Raids

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 22, 2007 – Coalition and Afghan forces killed two and captured 12 militants in separate raids yesterday.

–Combined forces killed one and captured nine in an early morning raid on a militant compound in Nangarhar province. The militants are suspected of coordinating several suicide attacks in recent weeks.

— In another early-morning raid yesterday in Helmand province, coalition and Afghan forces killed an armed suspect.

— Coalition and Afghan forces in Khowst province detained three men yesterday at a compound where militants are linked to the Haqqani network and suspected of extremist activities. One suspect was armed and was subdued by combined forces without incident.

There were no injuries to any coalition or Afghan forces in any of the raids.

On April 20, Afghan locals from the Qaleh Shahi Village, Nangarhar province, reported a munitions cache to Afghan National Police and coalition forces. The weapons cache, hidden in a vacant compound in the village, stored 15 82 mm recoilless rifle rounds and 62 various models of rocket-propelled-grenade rounds.

In the past three weeks, munitions caches have been found in 75 percent of the districts in Nangarhar province, U.S> officials said.

(Compiled from Combined Joint Task Force 82 news releases)

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