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…We Are The Last Best Hope

…We Are The Last Best Hope

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 8:09 PM

Excellent Article From Townhall!!

We are not a sick society; we are the last best hope
By Bill Bennett

The following is a transcript from the Bennett Morning’s radio show this morning.

“We’re talking about yesterday in Blacksburg. Some people, it hasn’t come up on this show, because this audience wouldn’t dare bring it up, but there’ll be people saying, “Well, it’s a sick society. You know, it’s just a crazy, wigged out, sick society.” I’ve got a book coming out today, not the best timing for a book, it’s all right. It’s a good book, America: The Last Best Hope, Vol. II. And at the very end of the book, I recall a speech that Ronald Reagan made in 1974. It was at C-PAC, Conservative Political Action Committee. We talked about this a couple of weeks ago, and we pointed out John McCain should have been there, and should have said the last time I was here, I was just released from Hanoi Hilton, and I was introduced by someone you all may remember. His name is Ronald Wilson Reagan. It would have been a great thing for John McCain to do…”

Go there and read the rest.  I can hardly wait for the Moonbat response(s).

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