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War News the LSM Isn’t Allowed To Print/Air

War News the LSM Isn’t Allowed To Print/Air

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 4:24 PM

Joint statement by Ambassador Asquith, Ambassador Crocker and Gen. Petraeus on the transfer of Maysan Province

“…BAGHDAD – Today’s transfer of security responsibility in Maysan Province from the Multi-National Force-Iraq to the Government of Iraq and civilian-controlled Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) demonstrates another step towards a stable and secure Iraq. Maysan is the fourth of 18 provinces to be transitioned and this reflects Iraq’s continued steps toward a capability to govern and protect itself and its citizens as a sovereign nation…”

ISAF team trains ANA humanitarian de-miners
“…BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – ISAF soldiers empowered Afghans with taking care of their own security by training humanitarian de-mining teams here…”

Veterinary mission morphs into life saver
“…DIKHIL, Djibouti – With only seconds to react, U.S. military members made a daring rescue April 14,
pulling a young African man out of a raging torrent…”

Iraqi Police continue to improve safety in Baghdad neighborhood
“…BAGHDAD — Iraqi Police continue to improve security in the Al-Karkh district here Friday…”

Resignation of Iraqi Cabinet Officers Can Turn Into Positive Step
“…AMMAN, Jordan, April 17, 2007 – The resignation of six Iraqi Cabinet ministers loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr can become a positive development if the country’s prime minister appoints new ministers that are more representative of the Iraqi population, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today…”

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