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Moonbat Implosions at TVC!!

Moonbat Implosions at TVC!!

Friday, April 06, 2007 6:40 AM

Classically Too Funny!!!

Evidently, The Victory Caucus located here is having an adverse affect on the Defeatist Moonbats in this country.  Their days are numbered and they know it.  In some way,site meters, to them, tell the tale.  Everyone knows or should know that all a site meter does is give someone an indication as to traffic to a site.  Depending on the type of site meter one has,  it can also be a useful tool tracking normal and abnormal visitors.  Usually, phantom visitors will hack into other sites and hail from there…too funny actually.  A truly cowardly act, always “hiding” but bot very well,  LOL!!!!!!

Check out the thread entitled “Glenn Greenwald Doesn’t Like Us!”  Too funny.

If the Moonbats don’t like us and have to spread lies and rumors, it must be a good thing.  LOL!!

Oh.  They don’t like Townhall, either.

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