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A Waste of Time

A Waste of Time

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 5:09 PM

I write reviews once in a while when asked and this is my latest one:

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace (FOX) 4/01/07  

                        This segment was with Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator Joe Biden (D-DL).  This interview was in regards to the “partisan divide” over the war in
Iraq and comments from Matthew Dowd, an individual recently parting ways with President Bush.

            Matthew Dowd at one time was the first member of the President’

Inner Circle

and has publicly come forward with criticisms of President Bush.  The apparent issue is the President’s failure at uniting the country.  

            When asked as to why Matthew Dowd’s comments and press release has become an issue, Senator McConnell stated that the war was indeed a tough, difficult and emotional issue for everyone.  Senator Biden was asked the same question and he stated that the President has “squandered real opportunities to unite the country”.  Neither one has really answered the question.  

            Senator Biden agrees with Mr. Dowd and went on to explain, in his demeanor, that the President basically told the country to do it his way no matter the consequence.  Senator McConnell was not given the opportunity to refute the statements by Senator Biden which struck me as par.  

Senator Biden was asked about the Iraq War funding bill in recent days passed by the House and the Senate but not given to the President before the Spring Break by Congress and if Congress should cut their break short and return to Congress and complete their task.  Senator Biden said that they would present a spending bill to the president as soon as they return.  I took that as a “no” from Senator Biden.  Again, Senator McConnell was not afforded the opportunity to add his position on returning from the Congressional Spring Break to finish the job  

            The interview went on and on about what the bill stood for and they argued back and forth about if the President would veto the bill if it had restrictions on the timetables and instructions to the military as to how to fight the war on terror.  McConnell said that the President would veto the bill and Biden said that the President will not veto the bill.  They also argued over who knew the financial needs of the
United States military better…the Congressional Research Service or the United States Military.

            From my point of view, this interview was pretty much a waste of my time.  I already know what the issues are and I also know that the politicos will continue with the political posturing for political gain no matter the consequences to the American populace well-being.  I also know that the Congress has failed the American people for years in that they no longer represent “We The People” and that they only represent “We The Politicians”.  

            This American is sick and tired of hearing about the “feelings of the vast number of Americans” from politicians because none of them know what “We The People” want any more.  We are a nation at war with people that have openly expressed that the end goal is the destruction of
America.  It would be nice if our politicians paid more attention to that than their ill-fated desires to be the ones in power.  Being in power at the wrong end of the sword is rather futile at this point.

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